Biden Expected to Announce Vaccine Mandate for US Federal Employees – Live

Biden Expected to Announce Vaccine Mandate for US Federal Employees – Live

Daniel Strauss of The Guardian reports on Republicans’ efforts to convince unvaccinated Americans to get vaccinated:
Almost as if a switch had been flipped, a set of prominent Republican politicians and conservative media figures recently changed their stance on the Covid-19 shootings and became more outspoken and proactive in urging Americans to get vaccinated. .

Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama, the state with the lowest proportion of fully vaccinated people in the country, said last week it was time to shame the unvaccinated. Commentator Sean Hannity, who previously called the pandemic a hoax, offered viewers a shot. In Florida, the governor Ron DeSantis, which sold merchandise poking fun at the use of masks, said Covid vaccines “save lives.”

Overall, this is a shift among some of the most prominent voices within the Republican Party and among Conservatives in favor of encouraging vaccine use rather than leaving it to a choice. staff.

Polls have shown that conservative Americans are much more likely to be unvaccinated and be reluctant to get the vaccine. Some observers have welcomed the recent shift in personalities Republicans, but others warn that it may be too little, too late.

But in interviews with half a dozen Republican pollsters, including those who have organized focus groups to encourage holdouts to get vaccinated, they say there is still a bloc of Americans who will not be displaced. even if it’s a Republican who urges them to get it pulled.

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