BBC journalist fired after ‘Hitler was right’ tweet against Israel accuses ‘social media trial’ – .

BBC journalist fired after ‘Hitler was right’ tweet against Israel accuses ‘social media trial’ – .

A former British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) journalist who was fired after tweets proclaiming “Hitler was right” and “Zionists cannot get enough of our blood” surfaced and now blames her downfall on “trial by social media “.

Tala Halawa, a journalist previously based in Ramallah, West Bank, said on Tuesday that she denounced “the Israeli bombing of Gaza in 2014” and had been unfairly tried on the basis of an “offensive and ignorant tweet published seven years ago. years “.

“However, it saddens me that the BBC, instead of looking for ways of apologies, reconciliation and dialogue, has unfortunately gone to trial with social media,” said Halawa, saying the network “amplif[ied] troll voices and capitulate to pressure from external pro-Israel interest groups and right-wing media determined to eliminate Palestinians from public life. “

At the time of his 2014 tweet referring to the depraved former Nazi German chancellor, Halawa was working for Palestinian radio station 24FM, according to The Times of Israel.

Halawa continued in her lengthy response, posted on Twitter in English and Arabic, that the BBC allegedly surrendered to a “pro-Israel mob” by letting them go.

“I recently published a video report for the company on celebrities criticized, trolled and canceled for supporting Palestinian self-determination. But I am not the only one. This pro-Israel censorship campaign is industrial in scope and international in scope, ”said Halawa. claims. In addition, she denounced her dismissal as a “familiar” repercussion for a Palestinian and a person of color.

“I am proud of the fact that during my four years at the BBC I have always been known for my impartiality and professional journalism, even during the most difficult times. I will continue to believe and fight for honest and courageous journalism, regardless of these menial endeavors. to the assassination of character ”, concluded his statement.


According to British magazine The Spectator, Halawa also said that the Israeli media were “controlled by [your] Zionist government ”and published a graphic of a miner burned on a Menorah.

“Zionists cannot get enough of our blood,” she added in part at the time, referring to the term for supporters of a Jewish state in the Holy Land.

A BBC spokesperson told the Jewish Chronicle Of London last week that as a result of his investigation, “this person no longer works for the BBC.”


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