Bargain buyer met with disgust as appeal was made for his arrest – .

Bargain buyer met with disgust as appeal was made for his arrest – .

A happy Home Bargains customer thrilled with their new purchase took a photo of the new furniture and the store’s social media team shared it on their Facebook page.
Still, the audience seemed more interested in what was placed next to the Jeff Banks rattan lamp.

That’s right, the brew to the left of the lamp has come under scrutiny, and one keyboard warrior even said that whoever brewed the tea “should be in jail.”

All things considered, the cup of tea looks tasteless, but maybe that’s how the original poster likes their tea.

Home Bargains shared the photo that was taken by self-proclaimed “cleaning addict” Leanne.

Next to the photo, the retailer wrote, “The kind of Sunday setup we love to see – a beer and our gorgeous rattan lamp. Buy online now:

“Thank you 110renovation on Instagram for sharing! “

But alas, the social media audience has paid more attention to tea than to the lamp.

Some have praised the £ 12.99 lamp, but comments like ‘This tea needs life support’ have been written. Then a softer slate from another wrote, “This tea looks a little weak.”

A third buyer said, “It’s not ‘an infusion’” and another rang and said, “Ewww throw in another tea bag, needs more strength.”

He goes on and on with another saying: “Whoever made this tea should be in jail.” Another added boldly: “Who made this tea? Stop them! “.

To purchase the rattan lamp, visit the Home Bargains website here.

But be careful if you drink a cup of tea on the side.

Is tea really that bad? Log on and let us know in the comments.


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