Bamboozled’s candidate still in the dark – .

Bamboozled’s candidate still in the dark – .

Par John Powell –

He still doesn’t have a clue.

While the evidence is there at every moment, Brent didn’t realize the whole house is on the plan to take him down this week. Even the members of his Ace team are willing to sacrifice him. They did nothing at all to save him although they assured Brent he had their full support.

In today’s veto ceremony, winner Christian did not use power leaving the appointments of Xavier de Brent and Britini the same.

A Brent celebrant shared his joy with Tiffany after the ceremony.

” It worked! This is what we wanted because we have the voices! did he declare.

“I’m telling you, this is such a crazy game,” Tiffany told the cameras, laughing after Brent was gone.

Brent hit the base with Alyssa, whom he believes to be a close ally.

“Are you good? What’s up? Alyssa asked as she swept one of the bedrooms.

“I’m pretty sure Xavier’s intentions are out of step,” a worried Brent said as he removed his sunglasses for emphasis.

” Why do you think that? Alyssa asked questioningly.

“I have a feeling,” Brent said.

“Okay, don’t get paranoid,” Alysaa said scolding him.

“I just think he’s going to try to persuade you and Christian to vote against me,” replied a worried Brent.

“There’s no way he can persuade us to do this,” Alyssa said, assuring Brent that they were backing him.

Brent spoke to the cameras when Alyssa left him alone.

“I almost did something that wasn’t smart but I made up for it. It’s difficult. It’s hard to keep everything under control, ”he said, whispering and smiling.

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