Australian boy ties sheets together to escape fourth-floor hotel quarantine – .

Australian boy ties sheets together to escape fourth-floor hotel quarantine – .

It comes as Australia faces its biggest lockdown to date, with around 13 million people in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia hit by restrictions.

Only 11% of Australians are fully immunized, despite the country’s small population and advanced health infrastructure.

Former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd targeted current Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Tuesday.

“Morrison failed quarantine, failed vaccination, and failed the most basic safety needs of the population,” he wrote, noting that a number of polls had shown a significant drop. support for Mr. Morrison.

Earlier, former treasurer Wayne Swan said that “Mr Morrison’s vaccination hiccups and hotel quarantine failures are the underlying cause of [the] severe Sydney closures, according to the Premier of New South Wales. “

On Monday, a major national poll showed that the Labor opposition led the government by 53-47% on a two-party preferential basis and that a federal election is due before the end of June next year.

The Delta variant has become a major problem in Australia. New South Wales, Australia’s most populous state, reported 78 new cases on Tuesday, while Victoria recorded 13 new cases and South Australia four.

New South Wales recorded five deaths from Covid during the recent outbreak.

As the city of Melbourne entered its fifth closure since the start of the pandemic crisis, resident Alan Scott wrote on social media that “quarantine and vaccination have always been a federal responsibility, but have been a disaster.”

“Until Morrison accepts the failures and fixes the problem, we will be hard pressed to stay ahead of this pandemic,” he said.


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