Astronomers get unprecedented look at neighboring galaxy – and see ‘monstrous’ jet launched by supermassive black hole – .

Astronomers get unprecedented look at neighboring galaxy – and see ‘monstrous’ jet launched by supermassive black hole – .

Astronomers captured an unprecedented look at the neighboring radio galaxy Centaurus A, seeing a “monstrous” jet unleashed through its supermassive black hole.
Research suggests that black holes behave the same way, even though they are very different masses.

The new images come from the Event Horizon Telescope (EHT) collaboration, which captured the very first image of a black hole in the galaxy known as M87. While this image has provided important new information about the behavior of black holes, it is still unclear whether these findings would apply to less massive or vigorous holes as well.

Now scientists have turned radio telescopes to another example, looking at a galaxy less massive than M87 and a supermassive black hole that accumulates less matter than its own.

When viewed through radio wavelengths, the nearby galaxy known as Centaurus A glows like one of the largest and brightest objects in the sky.

It became a favorite of astronomers for the study, having been identified as a radio source in 1949. Astronomers examined it in detail through a range of observatories, examining it by radio, infrared, optical, X-rays and gamma rays. -rays.

These examinations have shown that at the heart of Centaur A lives a vast black hole, as massive as 66 million suns. The new research is based on data that allows astronomers to see this black hole in more detail than ever.

(Radboud University; CSIRO / ATNF / I. Feain et al., R. Morganti et al., N. Junkes et al.; ESO / WFI; MPIfR / ESO / APEX / A. Weiss et al.; NASA / CXC / CfA / R. Kraft et al .; TANAMI / C. Mueller et al .; EHT / M. Janssen et al)

“This allows us for the first time to see and study an extragalactic radio jet at scales smaller than the distance light travels in a day. We see firsthand and personally how a monstrously gigantic jet launched by a supermassive black hole is being born, ”said astronomer Michael Janssen.

Data collected as part of the research shows that the jet has a 10 times higher frequency and 16 times sharper resolution, according to the researchers. The precise detail means that the source of the radio waves can be precisely traced to its position in the black hole.

He led the research which is published today in Nature astronomy, under the title “Observations of the Event Horizon telescope of the launch and collimation of the jet in the Centaurus A”.


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