Ashley Cain admits her body ‘is not recovering’ after catching Covid-19 – .

Ashley Cain admits her body ‘is not recovering’ after catching Covid-19 – .

Ashley Cain revealed he caught Covid-19 and recounted the hardships he faced as he spent five days in bed.
The reality TV star took to her Instagram stories on Monday night to update her fans on her condition.

And in his overnight post, he confessed that his body is “not recovering” properly after catching the virus almost two weeks ago.

The 30-year-old said: “It has been madness for 10 days. I actually caught Covid – bad enough to be honest.

“I was in bed straight for five days. I couldn’t get up. I had symptoms resembling fever. I was hot then cold and I lost my smell, I lost my taste.

“I have headaches, back pain, my body was completely sore. I also started to develop respiratory problems. ”

Ashley Cain told her followers he caught Covid-19 ‘badly enough’

He went on to say that maybe he was a fool, but he kept trying to exercise indoors because it’s the only thing that brings him joy right now.

He admitted that what he went through recently was mentally taxing, so he had to try and exercise whenever possible.

And he revealed his last day in isolation was the day before Monday dubbed Freedom Day, so he took a 25-mile bike ride and a freshwater swim.

However, he admitted that his body “is not recovering” following his diagnosis of Covid.

He continued: “The Covid made me back down. My body is not recovering. I did a lower body circuit yesterday and today I could barely walk. “

He said he tried to ride a bike to relax his legs, but felt like “riding my bike with my brakes and tires flat”.

Ashley revealed that it caused her to struggle with her breathing and her muscles were straining.

He ended his post by telling his followers to “make sure you are safe” and to be “aware that there is something out there”.

Earlier today, the former footballer shared a heartfelt video of him wading into the sea to pray to his late daughter Azaylia, who sadly passed away at the age of eight months in April.

Ashley Cain’s daughter Azaylia died in April

Since his death from myeloid leukemia, he has documented his journey through grief with his 1.3 million followers on Instagram.

And the former Ex on the Beach star said he felt “something euphoric” as he began to pray with his late daughter.

He chose to double the speech of American motivational speaker Eric D. Thomas on the images, which testifies to his sorrow.


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