Ashland mocks Billy with big announcement – .

Ashland mocks Billy with big announcement – .

The Newmans continue to do what they do best, engage in internal fighting.
In the Young and restless Preview for the week of July 12-16, Ashland and Victoria continue to make waves across Genoa City. Read on for spoilers!

Last week, Chelsea managed to blackmail her way to a reunion with her son Conner, and later learned that his mother was in the hospital with a broken hip. She begged Adam to be allowed to visit her and pick up Connor. Meanwhile, Victor wanted Chelsea to know if she would stop playing by her rules, that he would make sure she lost her son forever. It looks like Chelsea could get out of Genoa City soon, but not before they scare the crazy people out of Sharon!

Victoria and Ashland merged in more ways than one when they finally made love. As Billy began to realize that the news of Ashland’s terminal illness was true, he decided to make a proposal to buy Locke Communications… you know the Ashland company was going to merge with Newman. Well now it looks like Victor has learned of his daughter’s plans and he blames Nikki for keeping secrets from her! Maybe she should remind her husband that he should go about his own business with Adam and not worry about her and Victoria.

And finally, Victoria is all smiles as Ashland tells Billy that he and Victoria are making a big announcement, which is both personal and professional in nature. Could a marriage be in their future? And will Victoria be able to convince Ashland to try treatments to extend her lifespan?

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