“As usual, the Liberals are at war with the facts” – .

“As usual, the Liberals are at war with the facts” – .

In response to President Joe Biden’s speech Tuesday on protecting voting rights in Philadelphia, Fox News host Laura Ingraham tore the president apart on “The Ingraham Angle,” saying that “as usual, the Liberals are in war with the facts ”and that Biden was“ just reading any script his writers gave him. “

During his speech, Biden called the “assault on free and fair elections” a “threat” and said Americans face the “most important test of democracy since the Civil War.” Biden then specifically called on the Texas state legislature for its push for further electoral reform.

“In Texas, for example, the Republican-led state legislature wants to allow pro-poll watchers to intimidate voters and endanger unbiased polling officers,” he said. They want to make it so difficult and practical that they hope people won’t vote at all. “

Ingraham countered Biden’s statements by asking whether allowing “an extra hour of early voting required in Texas” is an attack on democracy. She also noted that the increase would make Texas’ voting window “two to three hours longer than Joe’s home state of Delaware.”

Ingraham then pointed to the hypocrisy of the president’s statements about “partisan poll watchers”, arguing that some of his claims about Texas law are “lies.”

“I think I counted four, maybe five lies there. But for the record, Texas law gives poll watchers freedom of movement, except, of course, as Biden claims, not when voters are filling out the ballots, ”Ingraham exclaimed. “And forcing poll observers to stand at such a distance that they could not reasonably observe the process would be a criminal offense. You have to keep an eye out for potential cheating. “

Ingraham also torched Biden’s claims that the Texas bill is about “making it harder” for Americans to vote, “and if you vote they want to be able to tell you your vote doesn’t count for any reason.”

“So dramatic, so utterly wrong,” she said. “As we pointed out last week, the Texas bill extends voting hours to all registered voters. And the bill further lowers the population threshold needed by counties to provide additional early voting hours. “


“Democrats want to rig every upcoming election so that it’s nearly impossible for a Tory to win again,” Ingraham said. “They now argue that the very voting rules that allowed Bill Clinton and Barack Obama to win two terms are essentially similar to those of Jim Crow 2.0. “

“So that really leaves them with only one option in mind, which is to promote racial fear in just about everything around them. We already know what they are doing in our schools, in our workplaces, in the military, even now our voting system.


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