Artist tries to design next-gen Tesla Model S, gives it a roadster look – .

Artist tries to design next-gen Tesla Model S, gives it a roadster look – .

Even after all these years, there’s nothing quite like the Tesla Model S. But despite being one of the most popular luxury vehicles, it hasn’t received any updates like its German counterparts. The Tesla sedan theoretically competed with no less than three generations of the other iconic car of the S badge, the Mercedes S-Class. The W221 remained until 2013, followed by the revolutionary W222, and now the W223 with its giant infotainment tablet.
We actually think Tesla is smart. He designed a car that sells as a consumer product, like the iPhone, so its features are what make each year’s model look different instead of the bumper or grille design. However, the original shape is not as good as it could have been.

Today, YouTube artist TheSketchMonkey is trying to undo that 2010s work and create a brand new Model S. He argues that the smaller Model 3 has a more emotional exterior because it’s lower in the lineup. However, we just think it has to do with the age difference.

Either way, the lines used for the new generation S model are taken from the Roadster II. This is due to a simple reason: The recently released facelift for the sedan looks like the pre-production electric sports car, so that’s the design direction of the company.

For this rendering, he sets himself some fairly clear design goals. First of all, some kind of hockey stick element is added to the profile of the car. This is to give the Model S some dynamism. And after that, the front has to drop even lower. Why? Because it’s apparently a Tesla trademark, and that’s what you get when you Photoshop into a Roadster nose.

And finally, a few sports car-like elements are added, such as the aerodynamic side skirts and wider rear shoulders. Together, these changes create a faster Model S, without anyone doubting the speed of the car.


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