Another The Last of Us actor joins HBO’s cast, but won’t reprise his character – .

Another The Last of Us actor joins HBO’s cast, but won’t reprise his character – .

Tommy’s voice in The Last of Us, Jeffrey Pierce, has been cast in HBO’s upcoming Last of Us TV series, but he won’t be playing Tommy.
This is in part due to the fact that Gabriel Luna was cast to play Tommy earlier this year. Instead, Pierce will play someone named Perry, a rebel in a quarantine zone, according to Deadline. Murray Bartlett and Con O’Neil were also cast in the series alongside Pierce today.

Bartlett stars as Frank while O’Neill stars as Bill, a couple Deadline describes as “two post-pandemic survivors living alone in their own remote town.” Anyone who’s played The Last of Us knows that Bill is the man Joel and Ellie visit in the trapped town of Lincoln shortly after leaving Boston.

In the game, he lives alone, although it is clear that he is quite saddened by the death of his partner, Frank. It looks like Frank is still alive in HBO’s Last of Us series given that O’Neill was cast to play him.

Maybe we’ll see the events leading up to Frank’s death in the game of this series or maybe Frank will survive and he and Bill will live happily ever after (although the world of The Last of Us isn’t known to be so happy afterwards).

We’ll learn more about Pierce’s Perry when The Last of Us hits HBO in the future. Production on the series began this month and will see Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey as Joel and Ellie, respectively. Luna will play Joel’s brother, Tommy, while Nico Parker will play Joel’s daughter, Sarah.

While Pierce will not be reprising his role as Tommy on the series, there is an actor from Last of Us who will be reprising his role in the game on the series. It was announced in May that Merle Dandridge would reprise the role of Firefly frontman Marlene.

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