Another Indigenous group in Canada finds anonymous graves near old school – .

Another Indigenous group in Canada finds anonymous graves near old school – .

OTTAWA — A third Indigenous community in Canada said it found anonymous graves near the site of a former Catholic residential school for Indigenous children, bringing the total number released in about a month to over 1,000.
The discovery comes on the eve of Canada’s National Day and is likely to add to a grim mood across the country as more and more evidence emerges of Canada’s history of abuse of Indigenous peoples. Some communities have canceled Canada Day celebrations, citing the discovery of the graves.
“It will be a day when, yes, we will celebrate, but above all we will reflect on the work that we all need to do as individuals and institutions to be better, to be more like the country we like to imagine that we are,” said Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Wednesday.
The Lower Kootenay Band, a member band of the Ktunaxa Nation, said they were informed of the discovery of 182 unmarked graves by another member band, the aqam. He said the aqam community used ground-penetrating radar to search for an area near the former St. Eugene Residential School, which operated between 1890 and 1970 near the town of Cranbrook, British Columbia, about 40 miles north of the Montana border.
Aqam gang leader Joe Pierre Jr. said on Wednesday the gang would provide more information as soon as they could.


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