Announcing Harry’s book The Blind Royals and Torpedoes Any Hope for Reconciliation – .

Announcing Harry’s book The Blind Royals and Torpedoes Any Hope for Reconciliation – .

While the answers go to learning about a devastating attack on the principles of discretion and buttoned-down restraint that the institution you represent represents, this was somewhat underestimated.
” Oh darn! Was reportedly the response of one of Prince Charles’ aides when a tabloid reporter broke the news of Prince Harry’s upcoming memoirs while attending an official event at which Charles was the guest of honor.

the Soleil says he “broke the news” of the book’s publication “to assistants at Clarence House while Charles was at a reception.”

the Soleil said, “It was clear that the assistants had no idea that the book was being written or even announced. One of them just said, ‘Oh my God.’ “

Time also reports the same rather British reaction from Charles’ staff.

the Soleil adds that Harry “didn’t rush to contact his family until he heard the story was coming out, moments before it went public.”

Harry’s official spokesperson appeared to confirm that the Royal Family had only received a brief warning about the announcement, telling the Telegraph that Harry didn’t have to ask his relatives for permission to write his book and that he had “very recently” told his family about it in private.

A source in Charles’ camp also told the Telegraph they were “surprised” by the news.

Harry’s decision to write a memoir that spills the bean on his innermost secrets will end any hope of reconciliation between Harry and his royal parents.

There have been concerted attempts in recent months to choreograph a semblance of cordiality between Harry and William in particular, with the brothers pictured chatting together at their grandfather’s funeral and at the unveiling of a memorial statue of their mother. However, the revelation that Harry was secretly working on a memoir – the book is almost finished – will likely end the still barely believable narrative that Harry and Meghan are really looking to build bridges with their family.

A source told the Daily mail: “I think everyone is just tired of being mad when it comes to these two. They have spent the past 18 months doing everything they promised Her Majesty not to do: make a living from their past life and being a member of the Royal Family. Sadly predictable, unfortunately.

Harry said he would donate the proceeds from the book to charity.

the Poster also appears to have been the subject of a barbed wire palace briefing, citing royal sources as saying Harry was’ never the type to willingly admit ‘his own fault and instead blamed’ everyone except him and his wife For the breakdown of his family’s relationships.


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