Ange Postecoglou resists Celtic instant transfer temptation as boss explains why he avoided Champions League quick fix – .

Ange Postecoglou resists Celtic instant transfer temptation as boss explains why he avoided Champions League quick fix – .

Ange Postecoglou insists he is not ready to bet Celtic’s long-term success in the transfer market for short-term Champions League gain.
The Australian boss has admitted he needs more depth and quality in his squad on the eve of tonight’s qualifying round against FC Midtjylland.

Postecoglou says he flew by the seat of his pants and admits it has been a frustrating fate with Swede Carl Starfelt and Japanese Kyogo Furuhashi stuck in Covid quarantine despite being registered.

Portuguese defender Aurelio Buta is another one who is the subject of reports in Belgium that a £ 3million transfer for right-back Royal Antwerp is nearing completion.

Postecolgou knows that using the UK market may have negated the need for quarantine periods and given them more options for Midtjylland links.

But the gaffer says making the right choices in the long run is the most important thing and not taking easier options to speed up the process.

Postecolglou admitted: “This is what has been difficult to explain to people. I just don’t want to make bad decisions for this club because of the current situation we can be in.

“For me, it’s about building a team that will be successful this year. I don’t want to just bring people in because they’re available and it’s easier.

“It would have been much easier to sign someone from the UK than someone from Japan. Without a doubt.

“But I want to resist the temptation to just bring people in because that might satisfy people in the short term.

“It might get rid of people because we bring in players.

“But if they’re not the right ones, we’ll be seeing the same issues again in 12 months.

“I just want to get the vouchers and because of that it’s taking a little longer.

“I understand the frustrations about it, it frustrates me, but it’s like that right now. “

Celtic boss Postecoglou accepts the situation and continues: “I don’t think my hands are tied behind my back. It’s a huge challenge, for sure, but that’s why I do what I do.

“I love it, I don’t think a manager gets easily carried away by a new job, especially when you know it’s a transition period.

“I arrived with my eyes wide open, I knew it would be a tall order, especially during this time, knowing how many players we had to bring in and of course implement my ideas.

“We have important games coming so early so I was well aware of all of these things before I took on the assignment.

“You fly by the seat of your pants, that’s for sure, but I love and appreciate it.” This is my challenge.

“I can’t say that I work with my hands tied behind my back because I can influence things and that’s what I try to do on a daily basis.

“It’s my role, to influence the change, to influence the action and to try to prepare this team for a big game. “

On Buta, he declared: “I said that I could not speak about the current agreements and, at this moment, you speak to me, there are no other agreements which have been concluded, but we strive. ”

Postecoglou works tirelessly with the Boy Scouts, CEO Dominic Mckay and also main shareholder Dermot Desmond.

He said: “I have good conversations with him [Desmond] on the essential fundamentals. He hired me to do the job. I don’t think he hired me to do the job.

“Dermot, Dom, the whole club has been very supportive from day one. But I am an assignee to do the job and the job. I did not come here for others to do it.

Postecoglou, meanwhile, has confirmed that Albian Ajeti is back from injury for tonight’s game, but Leigh Griffiths is absent with a calf problem.

Starfelt will be available for the Premiership opener on Saturday against Hearts, but it will likely be another week before Furuhashi can appear.


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