Amber List Travel Rules Changes Described – .

Amber List Travel Rules Changes Described – .

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Labor MP Sarah Owen said the government’s hotel quarantine policy was a “total mess” and the handling of complaints and legitimate calls for exemption had been “painful through official channels”.

She says, “I have had toddlers without milk, children so malnourished in these hotels that ambulances were called in, some people were left without access to water and families in Luton have to pay close to. £ 2,500 for that. “

She asks, “Who is making a profit on these astronomical fees and why is there no reduction for low-income people?”

Shapps says the figure billed at the moment is not making a profit for the government and is still subsidized.

He says people shouldn’t travel to Red List countries.

He said: ‘The only people who should return to government quarantine are UK and Irish citizens or people with permanent residency rights and there should be a limit to the number of people who are abroad and wish to return. . “

He says some people still use the red list as if “it’s okay, I can come back and quarantine in the hotel”. “It shouldn’t be,” he says.

But if Owen has individual cases, he is happy to review them and pass them on to the Department of Health which manages the hotel quarantine system, he says.


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