Amazon’s Sci-Fi Epic starring Chris Pratt has no idea what it wants to be – .

Amazon’s Sci-Fi Epic starring Chris Pratt has no idea what it wants to be – .

Director: Chris McKay. With: Chris Pratt, Yvonne Strahovski, JK Simmons, Betty Gilpin, Sam Richardson. 12, 138 minutes.
When Will Smith hit an alien Independence Day and welcomed him to Earth, it was glorious – a firmly ironic evocation of how America sees itself, as the bare-knuckle savior of the globe. When Chris Pratt repeatedly stings an alien in The war of tomorrow, while moaning angrily “die,” it has the appearance of a bar brawl – not exactly glorious, albeit an unwittingly truer representation of America’s true nature.

This sci-fi wreck, which Amazon bought from Paramount Pictures for $ 200 million, certainly likes to think of itself as as patriotic as Roland Emmerich’s films. A little like Independence Day, this is a global war against alien invaders in which only the United States seems to be actively involved. Here, the battle is actually set 30 years into the future, with reinforcements from the present being recruited and forced to dive into a time tunnel to join the fight.

The war of tomorrow thus hopes that the public will also be reminded Edge of tomorrow, Alien, Back to the future, and, for less logical reasons, Pratt’s own Jurassic World franchise (aliens have adorable little T-Rex arms and scream like velociraptors). In fact, think of something else, The war of tomorrow begs – anything that might distract attention from the vast rotating black hole at its center. He has no idea what it is, what he wants to do, or why it should take almost two and a half hours of anyone’s time.

The film is written by Zach Dean, whose experience is primarily about filthy crime stories, and directed by Le film LEGO Batmanis Chris McKay. The two seem so creatively at odds that Pratt, as the star, acts as if his brain is split in two, his eyebrow so violently strained in confusion that he threatens to jump in his face. At first, his character, Dan Forester, appears to be a variant of the Golden Retriever-style goofball he played on. Parks and recreation (and, to some extent, his Marvel character, Star-Lord).

Dan (Chris Pratt) is surrounded by sitcom actors like Veepde Sam Richardson

(Courtesy of Amazon Studios)

A central concept in The war of tomorrow is that these vicious, white-tipped aliens are so relentless that they nearly wiped out the world’s population in 2051, requiring today’s Earth to send endless waves of randomly chosen ordinary citizens as reinforcements – including Dan. There is no real explanation as to why the US government never established a formal training program (too much time is spent explaining the ins and outs why they can’t time travel. only in a particular place, in a particular way). This means that Dan is surrounded by sitcom actors, like Veepis Sam Richardson and It’s always nice in Philadelphia‘s Mary Lynn Rajskub, reeling off light jokes about how boring their life is and how likely they are to die.

But, sometimes Dan’s expressions suddenly stiffen to cement and we remember that he’s actually a competent military veteran, who likes nothing better than a vague and stoic expression like “I’m not a hero.” , I’m just trying to save my daughter ”. For a movie that features multiple sequences of characters jumping in slow motion out of an explosion, The war of tomorrow has the strange audacity to insist that this is also a moral lesson in the effects of PTSD on the families of American veterans. There are lots of tortuous, shallow close-ups of shaking hands, spliced ​​between shots of rampaging dino-aliens being sneaked around by bullets.

Dan was abandoned by his father James (JK Simmons, still bearded and torn as he was in 2017 Justice League), who was so broken by his experiences in Vietnam that he feared for the safety of his own family. But since The war of tomorrow is a film without any sense of identity, the message with which its characters walk away is not only deeply rude but genuinely offensive to those it claims to be defending. James is reprimanded for his “mistake”. Dan must become the better man. And The war of tomorrow claims he is taking heights to the right as he collapses from the Cliff of Reason.


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