Amanda Kloots responds to criticism for dating again after late husband Nick Cordero’s death – .

Amanda Kloots responds to criticism for dating again after late husband Nick Cordero’s death – .

Kloots said on “The Talk” Friday that she had started dating again, saying “it’s difficult.”

“My two husbands, I met them doing shows on Broadway,” she said. “We first became friends, then we got married. Obviously with Nick we had a child. I never really had a date. And I just started dating again and it’s so crazy first dating at 39. And it’s pretty terrifying and really out of your element, and it’s just, it’s difficult. ”

When asked how it was going, Kloots said she had met “great people” and it had been “a great process so far”.

“I’ll just say it’s very difficult,” she said.

Later on Friday, she highlighted a comment from an Instagram user who said “it was quick” in response to her meeting again.
“How dare you judge someone, especially someone who is going through this process,” Kloots posted on his Instagram story, in response to this comment.

She added that she will address the issue soon.

“There is too much to say and too much for widows to face not to mention,” Kloots wrote. “Until then, I’ll call anyone rude enough to comment like that.” “

Cordero, a Broadway actor, died last July after a battle with Covid-19 at age 41. Kloots, a former Broadway dancer, regularly updated her social media accounts with updates on her husband’s condition, and said he had battled the disease for more than three months, period at during which he suffered multiple complications from Covid-19 and had to have his leg amputated.

The two met when they both played in “Bullets over Broadway” and they got married in 2017. Together they have a 2 year old son, Elvis.

Over the past year, Kloots has shared her journey and grief with her social media followers, claiming earlier this year that she was “finally ready for therapy to deal with the trauma.”

CNN’s Lisa Respers France contributed to this report.


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