All this weekend will do is add fire to our championship fight, says Horner as Red Bull looks to put Verstappen behind them – .

All this weekend will do is add fire to our championship fight, says Horner as Red Bull looks to put Verstappen behind them – .

Christian Horner remained livid after his championship leader Max Verstappen was kicked out of the British Grand Prix following a first-round skirmish with title rival Lewis Hamilton on Sunday. But after the race, the Red Bull boss insisted that abandoning Verstappen would only motivate the team to give their all in their championship battle with Mercedes.
Verstappen was sent to hospital for precautionary checks after the high-speed first-lap crash which Horner said measured 51G as he hit the barriers at Copse Corner. The Dutchman was released from hospital on Sunday at 10 p.m. local time without any major injuries.

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“It’s an incredibly difficult way to end the British Grand Prix weekend and it goes without saying that we are all just thankful that Max was able to get away from the car, although he was then taken to hospital for precautionary checks, ”Horner said after the race.

“We are coming away with a slim lead in both championships and you can be sure that once we have had time to think about today, anything that this weekend will only add fire to our fight. for the championship, ”he added.

Christian Horner: Verstappen “happily in one piece” after Hamilton crash
Horner also shed light on Verstappen’s condition after the crash, when asked Sky Sports F1 if the driver is unconscious.

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“No, he wasn’t knocked out, he was conscious all the way; very strongly out of breath. It was a hell of a shunt – probably the biggest of his career – and totally unnecessary, ”said Horner. “Fortunately he got out of the car unaided and he was beaten and bruised, but yes, luckily he is fine. This is the biggest result today, ”he reiterated.

Mercedes team manager Toto Wolff presented his own statement of intent, with the Silver Arrows now just four points behind Red Bull and Hamilton just eight behind Verstappen after the race at Silverstone.

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He said: “This championship has always been very intense because we are fighting with everything we have to keep this championship knowing that we are not performing as well. [well as] Red Bull and Honda.

“Therefore, we’ve had big point losses in the past and today we scored some big points, so it always balances out.

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“A win is a win and a third is a third and we scored some big points today, and that’s it. Put it on the dashboard and move on to the next one, ”he added.

Ten rounds after the start of the fight for the 2021 championship and tensions are high, the battle set to resume at the Hungaroring on July 30.


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