AJ McLean says last heartbreaking interaction he had with Britney Spears “wasn’t her” – .

AJ McLean says last heartbreaking interaction he had with Britney Spears “wasn’t her” – .

AJ McLean of the Backstreet Boys speaks out for Britney Spears, calling her tutelage “crazy” and revealing the moment he last saw her that broke his heart.

In an interview this week with Andy Cohen on SiriusXM alongside fellow BSB member Nick Carter, McLean called the guardianship that has controlled Spears’ life and finances since 2008 as “dumb,” “crazy” and “Completely brutal”.

Spears recently spoke on her own behalf for the first time since 2019, telling a court at a hearing last month that the guardianship was doing her more harm than good and demanded that it end it. During an emotional 20-minute speech, Spears explained how the guardianship had such a hold on her life that her conservatives would not allow her to remove her IUD so she could have a child with boyfriend Sam Asghari.

Addressing this specific problem, McLean says that “really irritates him”.
“For me, it’s physical violence. For me, this is all fair, it’s preposterous. I pray for her. I really feel in my heart that she is going to break free from all of this, and I really hope she will. She’s a sweetheart, ”he said, before adding that the pop sensation is“ pretty much ”his neighbor.
The 43-year-old went on to say that he often sees Spears outside because they were going to the same mall in Los Angeles.
“There’s this amazing cupcake shop where she goes and where I go,” he said. “The last time I saw her it broke my heart. The last time I saw her she was with a gentleman. Guess it was security and / or maybe a driver.
As of this week, Spears has been allowed to choose a new lawyer for his guardianship. While his court-appointed lawyer Samuel Ingham had previously formally requested his resignation in a court case, the decision required the approval of a California judge, which has now been granted.


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