Afghanistan: Images show Taliban with brand new US weapons, vehicles | World

Afghanistan: Images show Taliban with brand new US weapons, vehicles | World

Following the takeover of a former Afghan National Army base, the Taliban fell into the hands of thousands of unused weapons and vehicles destined for US and Afghan troops. From a base in Wardak province, in the north of the country, Sky News showed how insurgents snatched a startling number of 900 new weapons, 30 hummvies, 20 armored vans, thousands of rounds and boxes on boxes of brand new missiles and mortars.

Hundreds of boxes full of weapons had not even been opened before the Taliban took control of the base.
Grenades, missiles, mortars and fresh missiles can be seen still wrapped in cellophane.

The fighters are then photographed showing “Made in USA” engravings on the automatic weapons they seized.

In addition to an ammunition and gun bounty, the Taliban have also gained more than 50 vehicles from this base alone.

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The rise in violence and the advance of the Taliban comes as the majority of Western forces have left the country before the 9/11 withdrawal deadline.

The withdrawal was agreed as part of a deal with the Taliban in exchange for a pledge by militants not to allow any extremist groups to operate in areas they control.

But that turned out to be unsuccessful as the Taliban stepped up their attacks on Afghan forces.

Western forces invaded Afghanistan in 2001 and 20 years of fighting saw much of the Al Qaeda terrorist group expelled from the country, but the Taliban did not back down.


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