Adele and Rich Paul seem like worlds apart, but the new guy really is someone like her – .

Adele and Rich Paul seem like worlds apart, but the new guy really is someone like her – .

WITH a divorce just four months ago, fans expected Adele’s new album to be another heartbreaking record.
But after singer Someone Like You, 33, made a rare public appearance – during a basketball game with US mega-sports agent Rich Paul – her songs could be more about love than love. loss.

The eerie similarities between Adele and new squeeze Rich Paul after the couple sparked dating rumors with a public appearance at an American basketball gameCredit: Getty

Their release together made languages ​​move, without any party denying that they are an object.

And the powerful couple certainly have a lot in common, including their humble beginnings.

While chart star Adele grew up in a tiny apartment above a discount furniture store with her mother Penny in West Norwood, south London, Rich, 39, lived in a one-bed apartment in above a grocery store run by his hardworking father Rich Sr.

Self-made Rich has now amassed a fortune of £ 34million and counts basketball superstar and close friend LeBron James among his clients.

Likewise, Adele is one of the richest singers in the world, with a net worth of £ 130million, and has Hollywood stars Jennifer Lawrence and Cameron Diaz as friends.

“He never forgot where he came from”

Yet despite their fame and fortune, they both remained grounded, close to their roots and childhood friends.

Growing up, Little Richard – as he was known to his family – showed signs of his strong work ethic, getting up with his father at 6:30 a.m. daily to serve the people of Glenville, Cleveland, Ohio.

His proud uncle, John Paul Jr, 77, told The Sun: “We knew he was special.

“Little Richard was always at the grocery store with his father, mingling with customers.

“From an early age he learned to deal with people.

“You could see this kid was going to be something.

“He was an entrepreneur from an early age. He liked to be his own boss.

Rich, right, and Adele’s outing together made the language speak, with neither side denying claims that they are an elementCredit: Getty

“His father was a real go-getter. He learned from his father and the store, more on the people side than on the business side. “

It was a tough neighborhood, but as Rich got older his father found the money to send him across town to the Benedictine Catholic High School.

Rich’s uncle said, “His father sacrificed some of the things he could have done to make sure Little Rich went to the best schools.

“I don’t know how he would do it, but he did it. Where Rich came from, few have escaped.

“He was able to escape and, not only that, he really blossomed into something that no one else has ever done in this field.


“There have been a lot of drugs, robberies, murders and stuff like that. He was surrounded by it in his environment, but he was not its prey. His father made sure of that.

“He didn’t want anything. I mean, sure, he wanted a new car and dress better and that sort of thing, but that was out of the question. We were modest people.

Rich Sr, who died in 2000, has been described as a “pillar of the community” who always helped people.

It’s a generosity loved ones say Rich Jr. also displayed.

After making a fortune, he bought his late mother a Mercedes and his sister a house.

On his nephew’s success, John added, “He’s the same person, he never forgot where he came from.

Adele and Rich pictured during an American basketball gameCredit: Getty

“He has the same friends. Money hasn’t changed him. He’s definitely a family guy. He is very generous to his loved ones.

After Rich left school, he started selling vintage sports shirts in the trunk of his car.

But in 2002, a chance encounter changed her life.

He bumped into LeBron James, 17, who was then an outstanding high school basketball player, at an airport on his way to Atlanta.

LeBron was captivated by the replica of the sports jersey Rich was wearing.


He gave LeBron the name of his supplier in Atlanta and told him to drop his name for a discount. The two have been great friends ever since.

Speaking in 2014, Rich said, “It was fate. I could have missed the plane. I could have taken a flight earlier. I couldn’t have worn the jersey.

“I could have had a bad day and not talked to him. “

LeBron, 36, said: “We hit it off instantly. Every time I did something I would call Rich and ask him if he could do it.

“And he said, ‘I’ll be there,’ and he was. “


Age: 33
Née: South London

Employment: Featured singer

Kids: Angelo, eight years old

Value: 130 M£

Properties: Three mansions in LA

Friends: Jennifer Lawrence

The pair went to amateur tournaments together, played friendly basketball games and talked about their girlfriends and favorite TV shows.

LeBron added, “He had all these life skills that he had learned from his father and pretty soon all these people were asking me, ‘Why do you have that guy from Cleveland around? “”

The rising sports star has become the greatest basketball player since Michael Jordan, winning four NBA championships.

It is worth around £ 360million and can currently be seen in the movie Space Jam: A New Legacy.

After signing his first NBA contract in 2003, LeBron immediately put Rich on his team, paying him £ 36,000 a year.


Rich said, “He told me he really didn’t have a job for me but wanted me to be close and we would find a solution. “

He became one of three close confidants of the player who, along with LeBron, dubbed themselves the Four Horsemen.

They had a signature handshake and even put the same knight figure on their sneakers.

Rich started styling LeBron, then helped him rehearse for his Nike commercials, suggesting ways he could be funnier.

He also benefited from the advice of powerful figures with whom he now rubbed shoulders, including billionaire investor Warren Buffett and music and film mogul David Geffen.

Rich photographed as a child
Rich photographed as a childCrédit : TWITTER/RICH PAUL

Rich said, “I was a sponge. I tune in every time we had these meetings.

“LeBron had no obligation to me. I was not entitled to anything. I wanted to be of value.

Rich went to work for LeBron’s agent Leon Rose, but in 2012 left to found his own business, Klutch Sports – now part of United Talent Agency – and became LeBron’s agent.

He has built up a list of top sports stars and built a reputation as a hard-nosed negotiator, ready to lobby publicly for big wins for his clients.

Critics wondered how someone with only a high school diploma could become a certified agent, but his business continued to thrive.

Rich pictured with his ex and daughter Reonna, center
Rich pictured with his ex and daughter Reonna, center

In 2020, he was named No.9 on Forbes’ list of Most Powerful Sports Agents.

He owns two homes in Los Angeles, including a £ 10million six-bedroom house in Beverly Hills, four miles from Adele’s Homes in the same neighborhood.

She owns three mansions next to each other, buying her third this year for £ 7million from her girlfriend Nicole Richie, the reality TV star.

While Rich kept most of his previous romantic relationships private, in 2019 he was linked to jewelry designer Jennifer Meyer.

Jennifer, 44, is the daughter of Ronald Meyer, the former vice president of entertainment giant NBC Universal.

Adele back in the day as a tot
Adele back in the day as a totCredit: Splash News

She shares two children with Spider-Man actor Tobey Maguire, 46. The couple married in 2007 but separated in 2016. Rich has three children: Reonna, Richie and Zane.

Photos on social media showed his daughter Reonna, 19, posing with him and nurse Candace Jones, who is believed to be his former girlfriend.

Photographs also showed Candace and Rich partying at LeBron’s New Years party in 2005.

Adele finalized her divorce from British charity boss Simon Konecki, 47, in March. They share custody of their eight-year-old son Angelo.

The winner of 15 Grammy Awards has reportedly already given her ex-husband, who remains in the UK, one of her three homes in Beverly Hills.


The divorce marked a difficult few months for the singer, whose father Mark died in May following a battle with cancer.

Last year she was linked with British grime artist Skepta, 38, but later pointed out that she was still single.

She rarely goes to public events, which is why being spotted with Rich in the NBA Finals in Phoenix, Arizona on Saturday is considered so important.

ESPN sports channel host Brian Windhorst later revealed in a podcast, “Rich Paul is bringing his girlfriend to the game to sit next to LeBron. His girlfriend is Adèle.

“This is the first time they have gone out together in public. But any relationship remains very discreet.

Terence Barker, a co-worker of Rich, who is currently staying at his Beverly Hills home, said, “I didn’t even know the relationship with Adele.

“The first time I heard about it was last night when I saw it on TV. “


Age: 39
Née: West Cleveland

Employment: Mega sports agent

Kids: Reonna, 19, Richie, Zane

Value: £ 34 million

Properties: Two mansions in LA

Friends: James Lebron

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