Adam Larsson signs Seattle Kraken punch to Edmonton Oilers – .

Adam Larsson signs Seattle Kraken punch to Edmonton Oilers – .

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Is Tyson Barrie next?

It just happened, a punch to the Edmonton Oilers, the news that the Seattle Kraken signed their top-right shooter Adam Larsson, four-year-old at $ 4.0 million per person, about what Edmonton would have offered him.


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Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Frank Seravali broke the bad news, saying: “The first word is that #SeaKraken is getting closer to contracts with two UFA defenders: Adam Larsson (EDM) and Jamie Oleksiak (DAL). Not finalized. But barring a last-minute change, those players are expected to be the selections of #Oilers and #GoStars.

TSN’s Darren Dreger reported, “Larsson signed a 4 year contract with the Kraken. $ 4 million per month…. The oil companies will reconnect with Tyson Barrie. There have been preliminary discussions … which should intensify with Larsson’s departure. The term is going to be the sticking point for Barrie. Don’t think Oil wants to go 5 years. Does $ 4 x 5 million get there? “

And this from Vancouver province hockey writer Patrick Johnston: « Hearing Mike Smith looks back on a multi-year contract with the Oilers. “


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Over the past five seasons, Larsson has enjoyed three of the best years we’ve seen of an even-matched Oilers D-man when it comes to A-grade odds of scoring over-minus chances.

The reaction on Twitter was swift and depressed:

Fan des Oilers Troy @heavyoilcontry
Whether we’re willing to admit it or not, Larsson has probably felt underrated here by fans from day one because we really underappreciated him… How not to go 4.5 x 4 for Larsson?… Well, I guess it’s time for veteran Oilers d-man Bouchard to play more than 12 games.

Fan des Oilers Rebuild 5.0 = Entrant @Josephk90

I really didn’t think Larsson would pick any other team over the Oilers. Guess I have to remember the Oilers are playing in Edmonton…. Hopefully that’s not a sign of things to come and just a guy who wants to play somewhere else. Larsson was in the leadership group, he just bounced back for the same money and maybe even less to play elsewhere.


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Ryan Rishaug from TSN @TSNRyanRishaug
The Oilers had several offers on the table for Larsson, including a 4 and 5 year term. The meaning is that it was not a decision made on the basis of the Oilers’ offer. Probably Larsson deciding to change scenery

Boston hockey commentator Nicholas W. Goss @NickGossNBCSB
Looks like the Oilers’ blue line is about to get worse.

Oilers fan Jason Adams @AdamsOnHockey
Do you remember HOPE? (Hall, Omark, Paajarvi, Eberle?)
With Adam Larsson gone for nothing, I think Edmonton officially lost the four members of HOPE for nothing. The four commercial trees end with a cliff.

Boston Hockey Writer Joe Haggerty @HackswithHaggs
Wasn’t it a big part of Edmonton’s sales work on Duncan Keith’s business that he was going to form this duo with Adam Larsson? And now he’s signing with Seattle. The tankers are watching a step back at every turn right now.

Oilers now welcome Bob Stauffer @Bob_Stauffer

Adam Larsson held the cards as UFA.
He played hard for EDM and chose a different option.
My belief is that players drafted and developed by an organization often have the greatest connection to the club. One day… soon… Evan Bouchard will be part of the “core” of the Oilers… It will be difficult to replace Larsson.
There are a few right-handed people who fit the mode of a version of Larsson that many would consider the 3rd right pairing D ..: who are size and can stop cycles…
I guess we’ll see.


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Allan Mitchell de Lowetide @Lowetide
Larsson on the left side. Oilers fans were devastated upon his arrival, something akin to his departure. Life is funny like that.

Le fan des Oilers Rob Soria @Oil_Drop
I think the fans think their approval or disapproval means a lot to a player, but I don’t see it. Now a toxic environment created by fans is one thing and that wasn’t Larsson at all. Could it be a question of organization? Of course, but not much else.

Fan des Oilers Shelley Sikorski @raye_shelley
I just woke up and I’m already going to bed. I can’t believe we’ve lost Larsson.

Hockey Analysis Writer Patrick Bacon @TopDownHockey
To me Edmonton letting Larsson walk is a bit like St. Louis / Pietrangelo where it might be the ‘right decision’ but it’s impossible to praise it because of where the money freed up has been spent.
And unlike Pietrangelo, it’s a move where I would say bite the bullet and sign the aging D.


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Oilers blogger Alex Thomas @ Alex_Thomas14
Signing Tyson Barrie while Larsson walks really doesn’t make sense. Barrie / Bouchard / Bear is such a redundant right side. Who owns the option to stop the team that will handle the big difficult minutes with Larsson gone? Feels panicked and without direction.

Jonathan Willis de l’Athletic @JonathanWillis
Larsson makes a lot of sense for Seattle, especially at $ 4 million x 4 years. There really isn’t a lot of capable shutdown RD available through the plugin.
Bonus: It definitely hurts the Oilers’ divisional rival.

Mark Spector de Sportsnet @SportsnetSpec

Adam Larsson chooses Seattle over Edmonton, for the same dollars and the same duration as those offered by the Oilers.
Big loss for EDM – good player, excellent leader – and a good start for a blue line which will probably also include Oleksiak and Giordano in SEA.


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Fan des Oilers Paul Almeida @AzorcanGlobal
Good luck to Adam Larsson in Seattle. One of my favorite #Oilers who always played with an advantage.

Fan des Oilers Mo @MO_EDMN
Ken Holland plays chess.
Yes he is. Against Garry Kasparov.

American writer Ryan Lambert @twolinepass
depending on what kind of goalie the greasers and flames get, Seattle is shaping up to be an easy 3 seed in the Pacific

Fan Lubricator Rex Codex Libris @CodexRex
Oilers fans this offseason: “Dude, look at all that plug space opening up, Ken Holland definitely has balls in the room this summer!” “
* Holland carefully aims his feet *

Oilers fan Blain Getz @ 19Getzy
See! OILERS TWITTER sucks lately !!!! Larsson leaves, fans pissed off at the management! Fans demand to know why he doesn’t like Edmonton !. Smith signs, The guy loves Edmonton! The fans are crazy to have signed our starter from last year which led us to the playoffs, all because he is 39 years old! I’m outside!


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My opinion

1. Was it the money? Haven’t the Oilers offered enough? Was it the allure of playing Seattle for a sparkling new franchise? Was it the cold Edmonton and the hyper-critical fans in the city? Shouldn’t the Oilers have traded for Duncan Keith, signed Larsson and protected him from Seattle instead? Either way, it’s hard to see Adam Larsson go. It’s a punch.

2. As I have mentioned a number of times, if Edmonton were to lose him they would be looking for a player like Larsson for years to come, a big, tough and efficient stopping man on the right side. It took trading Taylor Hall to acquire such a player. Good luck in funding another one.

3. Just over a month ago, team members like Bob Stauffer told us the Oilers have an 85 to 90 percent chance of signing Larsson. What didn’t go well?


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4. Well, now we know the Kraken that the Kraken take from the Oilers. Not Jujhar Khaira. Not Tyler Benson. Not a front bottom line prospect. Nope. Instead, he’s Edmonton’s top straight shooter.

5. As for how the Oilers can replace Larsson, Dmitry Samorukov has been a stopping man for Moscow, but he’s a year or two or three away from being ready for that same stopping role in Edmonton. .

6. Huge opportunity here for Ethan Bear and Evan Bouchard. Are they ready to step up?

7. My dream couple this year were Adam Larsson and Jamie Oleksiak.

Watch what you want, children.

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