Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams Post ‘Last Dance’ Photo on Social Media – .

Aaron Rodgers and Davante Adams Post ‘Last Dance’ Photo on Social Media – .

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Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers and wide receiver Davante Adams could easily clarify exactly what their intentions are for their future at Green Bay using their words on social media. Instead, they chose to use images and leave the situation to interpretation.

Rodgers and Adams both posted a photo of Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen on Instagram on Friday night, which sparked a lot of speculation about what exactly they were referring to.

Maybe they meant that they’ll both be back in Green Bay in 2021, but they’ll both be somewhere else in 2022. That would fit with the fact that Jordan and Pippen’s last season with the Chicago Bulls has was recounted last year in the widely viewed documentary, The last dance.

Or maybe by referring The last dance they were implying that they had already had their last dance together, and Rodgers was preparing to announce his retirement. This is what some sports books prepare for.

Or maybe the identical Instagram posts were a message to Packers general manager Brian Gutekinst. Rodgers reportedly referred to Gutekinst as Jerry Krause in text messages with his teammates, as Krause, the general manager of those Bulls’ championship teams, was looked down upon by Jordan and Pippen.

Adams has reportedly broken off contract negotiations as he heads into the final season of his current contract, while Rodgers has made no secret of his being unhappy with the Packers. Beyond that, Rodgers and Adams choose to create a social media buzz with cryptic posts, rather than purifying the air once and for all.


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