A continuation of the war of tomorrow is already in preparation – .

A continuation of the war of tomorrow is already in preparation – .

A sequel to Chris Pratt’s sci-fi action film The Tomorrow War is already in the works after the first film’s success on Amazon Prime.
According to Deadline, Amazon Studios and Skydance are already talking about reuniting the gang, including director Chris McKay, star Chris Pratt and screenwriter Zach Dean, on a sequel to The Tomorrow War.

Paramount, which was originally slated to distribute The Tomorrow War in theaters, is also in negotiations to be involved in the sequel.

The Tomorrow War became one of the biggest streaming premieres, and star Chris Pratt celebrated the successful launch of The Tomorrow War as a streaming exclusive.

Meanwhile, Amazon has steadily built up a library of exclusive streaming movies, including Tom Clancy’s No remorse starring Michael B. Jordan and Coming 2 America, the sequel to Eddie Murphy’s iconic comedy.

The Tomorrow War is about a group of time travelers who travel back in time to the present day to warn us of a future alien war in which humanity is on the losing side. Despite the film’s popularity on streaming services, IGN wasn’t as warm on the film, giving it a 3 in our Tomorrow War review.

Chris Pratt is expected to return to his other blockbuster films soon, including Guardians of the Galaxy 3 and the upcoming Jurassic World film. Meanwhile, director Chris McKay says he’s still working on a Nightwing movie for DC.

Matt TM Kim is the editor-in-chief of IGN.


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