A “catastrophic” tornado in Barrie, Ontario. injures eight people, damages several houses – .

A “catastrophic” tornado in Barrie, Ontario. injures eight people, damages several houses – .

BARRIE, ONT. – Eight people were injured, including four seriously, when a tornado swept through a neighborhood in Barrie, Ont. Thursday afternoon, leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.

At a press conference Thursday night, Barrie Mayor Jeff Lehman said there had been no deaths so far.

“Everyone is taken into account, but it is still early days,” he said.

Firefighters said crews were checking “under every bed and behind every door” to make sure no one was stuck in the rubble.

Authorities said around 20 houses were damaged and “about three or four” are expected to be rebuilt.

Early Thursday afternoon, an Environment Canada tornado warning blew over airwaves and cell phones as the sky darkened over the city’s southern end and heavy rains fell.

Barrie resident Sheldon Murphy said they were in the kitchen when the warnings sounded.

“We saw things start to fly in the air, to spin. That’s when we got everyone down to the basement. Then five minutes later it started to clear up. “

Environment Canada meteorologist Steven Flisfeder confirmed it was a tornado that made landfall later in the day.

“At this point, based on images and videos, we can confirm that it was a tornado. “

The storm lasted for around 10 to 15 minutes and was followed by sirens as emergency crews made their way to the Mapleview Drive and Prince William Way area.

Barrie Police said thousands of people were without power as crews worked to fix power lines.

“It sounds very symbolic, unfortunately, for a war zone in places,” Barrie Police spokesman Peter Leon said. “The damage is catastrophic. They are important, and they are of age.

Lehman said the day’s events took him back to when a tornado hit the Allandale area in the 1980s.

“I’m sure the people who lived through it in 1985, they can’t believe, like me, that here we are dealing with another serious tornado in the city of Barrie.

But I can’t tell you how amazing it is that no one was killed, and I hope that since all the secondary research is done and the patients are being treated in the hospital, it will continue to do so. ‘be the case. It certainly could have been a much bigger disaster, ”said Lehman.

Patients are treated at the Royal Victoria Regional Health Center (HRV).

Barrie Hospital President and CEO Janice Skot said staff and doctors were on hold “if additional resources were needed.”

In addition, Simcoe County Paramedics provided triage at Saint Gabriel the Archangel Catholic School of anyone injured in the storm.

Police urge anyone who does not live in the area to avoid him.

Premier Doug Ford posted his sympathy for those affected by the storm on social media.

“My thoughts are with everyone in Barrie and Innisfil affected by severe weather today. Many thanks to our first responders who are currently on the ground to help with the situation. Please stay safe everyone! “

Environment Canada has announced that it will send a team to study the damage caused by the storm in Barrie.

Barrie Police have set up a central telephone line for anyone needing assistance, dial 705-728-8442.


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