$ 65million Lotto Max winner wants to use money to help others – .

$ 65million Lotto Max winner wants to use money to help others – .

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The province’s newest multimillionaire thanks God for his $ 65 million Lotto Max windfall.

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Jansen Ng, 41, of East Gwillimbury, said: “It’s not so much my money, it’s God’s money. And I have just been given the task of taking care of it for a little while.

The first people Ng spoke to weren’t his parents – they still weren’t aware of the winnings, as he accepted his check on Thursday – but rather the pastor of his church. He asked for spiritual guidance and moral guidance.

“We usually watch TV together, so it will be kind of fun to see them see me on TV,” Ng said.

He said he served in the Canadian Armed Forces, with the Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada, for almost 14 years until a “head injury” or “concussion” forced him to retire.

“A big part of my identity was to be a soldier and to serve Canada,” Ng said. “And when I couldn’t serve anymore, it was very hard. “

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He said he won’t change himself a bit, whether it’s cutting his hair or donating blood every two months.

He’ll pay credit cards and probably buy an electric car because he’s an eco-friendly guy.

Jansen Ng of East Gwillimbury receives his $ 65 million Lotto Max check in downtown Toronto. JACK BOLAND

Ng said he wanted to create foundations to help those facing hardship – such as veterans and children – by essentially paying.

He then told the great story of playing Pokemon GO and going to a gas station in Sharon just before the lottery machine closed that night, Tuesday, July 6.

“It was just a Quick Pick and I believe when it’s the time is the time,” Ng said. “Sometimes all you have to do is give it a go. “

Later that week he went to scan his tickets and a few weren’t winning, and “I was a little disappointed with that” until his last ticket when the machine “beep” and said “please. see the retailer ”.

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“I said, ‘I hope I haven’t broken the machine’. “

He couldn’t scan the ticket on the retailer’s machine and Ng laughed with the cashier, saying “Maybe this is a joke. And I broke it because I won the big jackpot.

Later at home, he checked the ticket on the lottery app on his iPad and realized he had actually broken the bank – wide open.

“He then flashed Big Winner and I had won $ 65 million,” Ng said. “I was in disbelief and thought it was a strange daydream. “


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