6,000 businesses in France say they won’t ask the public for a health card – .

6,000 businesses in France say they won’t ask the public for a health card – .

More than 6,000 restaurateurs and traders have registered on a site to declare that they will not ask visitors to present a health record (health pass).
Animap.fr describes itself as a “non-discriminatory platform” for service providers who “respect human dignity and will not use discriminatory practices” against their clients.

It should be noted that not all providers who have registered on the site have been asked by the government to use the health pass.

The use of the health pass was extended yesterday (July 21) to cultural and leisure spaces welcoming more than 50 visitors, including museums, theme parks, sports facilities, places of worship and conference rooms.

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To access these spaces, visitors must present a negative Covid-19 test result carried out within 48 hours, proof of full vaccination or proof of having previously been infected with Covid-19.

From the beginning of August, the same measure should be put in place for spaces, in particular in bars, restaurants, cafes, hospitals and for long-distance trips in France, subject to parliamentary approval, which could be given by end of this week.

Protesters last week demonstrated against the extension of the use of the health pass on the grounds that it was an infringement of civil liberties.

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Service providers ‘don’t worry’ about fines

In Paris, Marseille and Lyon, only three restaurants are registered on Animap – one in each city.

Use has been higher in rural areas. In the town of 13,000 inhabitants of Combret, in the Aveyron, the Auberge de la Tour restaurant is on the list.

Owner said The connection they had seen an increase in the number of customers since signing up with Animap four months ago, protesting the demand to take customer names and contact details for tracking and tracing procedures.

They said they were not worried about the possible initial fine of € 1,500 for not asking customers to present health cards.

“I have never been checked by the police here. We have a large terrace and I never serve more than 20 clients a day. The restrictions do not concern us here. They are transmitted from so far away, ”they said.

On the site, service providers can choose to hide their email, website, and phone number.

In Nice, naturopath Isabelle Calon specified that she did not have to provide any proof that her company was registered with a Siret number when registering. “It’s not Animap’s mentality. They are not there to follow people, ”she said. The connection.

According to the government’s proposals, Ms. Calon would not be required to require a health pass from her clients.

Cinemas avoid using the health pass with small screenings

Other establishments have found alternative ways to avoid using the health pass, with some cinemas setting a limit of 49 people during screenings.

This technically exempts them from checking health cards, which should only be used in spaces with more than 50 people.

The Cinéville cinema in Vern-sur-Seiche, in Brittany, offers two different screening options, one with pass and the other without.

The second is limited to screenings before noon or after 10 p.m., with visitors limited to a maximum of 49 people per screen.

Cinéville general manager Yves Sutter said France 3: “Many people in France have not yet been fully vaccinated. We have found this solution for us, economically, and for those who want to come to the cinema.

He said the reaction had been “very positive” among people who felt “excluded from going to the movies” by the rules of the health pass, especially families whose all members have not yet been vaccinated.

Non-compulsory identity checks with the health record

It comes as Prime Minister Jean Castex said yesterday that establishments would not have to verify visitors’ proof of identity as well as the health pass, as previously suggested.

Mr Castex said that “personal identity checks – that is, checks to verify that an identity is not fraudulent – are of a higher level”, meaning they do not can only be carried out by law enforcement or management.

He added that establishments using yesterday’s sanitary pass would be given a one-week grace period to iron out logistics, with penalties for non-use of the pass being applied from next week.

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