4 monthly dividend stocks under $ 25 to buy now – .

4 monthly dividend stocks under $ 25 to buy now – .

Investing in monthly dividend paying stocks is a great way to earn passive income in this low interest rate environment. If you’re ready to invest, here are four companies that pay monthly dividends at healthier returns and trade under $ 25.

Renewable energies TransAlta

My first choice would be Renewable energies TransAlta (TSX: RNW), which owns and operates a diverse portfolio of power generation facilities with a capacity of 2.8 gigawatts. The company sells its electricity through long-term contracts, with a weighted average contract life of more than 12 years. Thus, these long-term contracts protect the company’s finances from price and volume fluctuations, thus generating stable cash flow.

The company is also focusing on strategic acquisitions to strengthen its growth prospects. Since its IPO in 2013, the company has made $ 3.4 billion in acquisitions. So, with its $ 1 billion cash flow, I expect the company to continue with future acquisitions. In addition, the company has several projects in the evaluation phase, which could increase its power generation capacity by 2.9 gigawatts. So given its healthy growth outlook, stable cash flow, and strong liquidity position, I believe TransAlta Renewables’ dividends are secure. It currently pays a monthly dividend of $ 0.0783 per share, with a forward dividend yield of 4.33%.

Northwestern Health

FPI NorthWest Healthcare Properties (TSX: NWH.UN) is another stock you should have in your portfolio, given its stable cash flow, high dividend yield, and strategic acquisitions. The company generates stable cash flow through its highly diversified and defensive portfolio, inflation-indexed rents, government-backed tenants and long-term agreements with its tenants. Thus, these stable cash flows allowed the company to pay dividends at a healthier yield. Currently, the company’s forward dividend yield stands at a hefty 6.14%.

At the same time, the company is working on the acquisition of four healthcare facilities in the Netherlands and the Australian Unity Healthcare Property Trust, which owns 62 healthcare facilities. He also raised around $ 200 million through new stock offerings, which could help close those deals. Thus, the company’s growth prospects appear healthy.

Pizza Pizza Royalty

Pizza Pizza Royalty (TSX: PZA) is a restaurant operator that owns the Pizza Pizza and Pizza 73 brands. Amid expanding immunizations and declining COVID-19 cases, Canadian provincial governments have started to reopen their economies . This initiative could allow the company to reopen its catering spaces, thus boosting its finances. Its investment in expanding its digital channel could also continue to boost its finances, even in the post-pandemic world. Thus, the outlook for the company looks healthy.

In an improving economic environment, Pizza Pizza Royalty recorded strong buys this year, with its share price increasing 17.8%. Despite the rise, the company’s valuation still looks attractive. Meanwhile, Pizza Pizza Royalty is currently paying a monthly dividend of $ 0.055 per share, with a forward yield of 6.09%. So I think the company would be a great buy for income seeking investors.

i will extend

After a difficult year 2020, i will extend (TSX: EXE) delivered strong returns this year, as its share price rose 29.5%. Thanks to the $ 55.4 million backing of COVID-19 funding, its revenue increased 18.6% in the first quarter, while its adjusted EBITDA increased by $ 7.6 million. Meanwhile, I expect the momentum to continue as demand for the company’s services could increase amid an aging population and rising incomes.

Meanwhile, the company also plans to invest around $ 500 million to increase its capacity and replace its elderly population. The company has also increased the number of students in its in-house training programs to 600 this year, creating a new supply of qualified caregivers. So, in a favorable environment, I expect the company’s financial results to improve over the next few quarters. Meanwhile, Extendicare currently pays a monthly dividend of $ 0.04 per share, with a forward yield of 5.58%.

The Motley Fool owns shares and recommends PIZZA PIZZA ROYALTY CORP. The Motley Fool recommends NORTHWEST HEALTHCARE PPTYS REIT UNITS. Foolish contributor Rajiv Nanjapla has no position in any of the stocks mentioned.


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