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Insider trading can reveal a few things to Motley Fool investors. While this isn’t a sure sign that a company is doomed to do well, it does tell us if we are confident in the future of the title. Today I’m going to take a look at four dividend paying stocks that recently bought back stocks that could be good additions to your portfolio.

Mullen Group

The first dividend paying stock to watch is Mullen Group (TSX: MTL). This trucking and logistics company recently repurchased more than 554,400 shares between June 1 and July 14. This came to around $ 12.95 per share, which returned $ 7 million to shareholders.

The company’s shares have risen 63% in the past year, but have recently fallen 7% in recent weeks. The drop came after the acquisition of Harris Transport, a Canadian trucking company that would add about $ 25 million in revenue. It is one of the more average dividend paying stocks, with a dividend yield of 3.84%. Yet analysts also believe the stock price is expected to rise 28% on average next year. So, it might be worth it for Motley Fool investors to check it out further.

CI Financial

CI Financial (TSX: CIX) recently repurchased more than 2.7 million shares between June 3 and June 25. The average price was around $ 22.31, which grossed shareholders around $ 60 million. This came after the company also repurchased 6.6 million shares for $ 112.7 million in the first quarter, so before March 31. It also redeemed throughout the months of April and May.

Meanwhile, the company recently announced a strong earnings report, with the highest net sales in six years with net flows of $ 530 million in its management of retail assets in Canada. It now has assets exceeding $ 300 billion for the first time in the company’s history. The company also announced the acquisition of a wealth management asset for $ 7.1 billion. With all of these buyouts, clearly the company believes there is a future to be had. Shares rose 32% last year, with an average upside potential of 12.5% ​​the following year. Motley Fool investors can pick up this stock with a dividend yield of 3.17%.

The North West Company

If you’re looking for dividend-paying stocks to come back with the economic rebound, definitely consider The North West Company (TSX: NWC). This food and everyday items retail company recently repurchased approximately 72,000 shares at an average price of approximately $ 35.46. Between June 7 and June 30, this represented a total of $ 2.5 million in share buybacks for shareholders. It also added to a new buyback of 155,570 in the first quarter before April 30 for a total of $ 5.2 million. And he continued to redeem in May and June.

Management is likely to believe there is untapped future wealth in this business as the economy is rebounding. Shares have risen 24% in the past year and are trading at record highs. Still, analysts don’t think it’s going to rise much more. So it looks like management knows something we don’t know. But if you think it’s due to a rebound, then you can get that stock back with a dividend yield of 3.94%.

Fleet management of elements

Finally, for Motley Fool investors looking for a way to invest in electric vehicles (EVs), you may want to consider Fleet management of elements (TSX: EFN). The world’s largest fleet manager, the company recently partnered with Qmerit to switch to electric vehicles. This would create the largest network of electric vehicle chargers in North America.

The company bought back shares throughout the past month. Between June 1 and June 30, he purchased 5.4 million shares worth approximately $ 13.88 each. This totaled $ 75 million back to shareholders. Stocks have already risen 46% in the past year, but analysts believe they could rise another 25% on average, with many listing it as a strong buy. Plus, you can lock in a dividend yield of 1.87% at the time of writing. This makes it one of the best dividend paying stocks for a future investment!

Fool contributor Amy Legate-Wolfe has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. The Motley Fool recommends MULLEN GROUP LTD. and LA COMPAGNIE DU NORD-OUEST INC.


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