2 dead, several injured, including emergency personnel, near a burning house; missing children – .

2 dead, several injured, including emergency personnel, near a burning house; missing children – .

Two people were killed and several others injured when a gunman opened fire on Tucson EMT crew members, and then – in a separate shootout – on firefighters arriving at the scene of a burning house , according to a report.

The details of the shoot are still being worked out. But city firefighters received an emergency call regarding a structural fire. At around the same time, police said a gunman opened fire on an ambulance team that responded to another call, KOLD reported. One of the responders, who is 20, was shot in the head and the other, who is 21, was shot in the arm and chest, according to the report. Police said the 20-year-old was listed in critical condition; the 21-year-old has been listed as stable.

Shortly after the first shooting, the suspect, 35, fled in an SUV and arrived at the scene of a structural fire, KVOA reported. He fired “several rounds” at Tucson Fire Department personnel and neighbors who participated in the blaze. The KOLD report said a neighbor, 44, was hit on the head and pronounced dead at the scene. Two others, a fire captain and another passerby, were both grazed by bullets.

Police eventually exchanged gunfire with the gunman who at one point attempted to ram his car into a police vehicle, KVOA reported. He was eventually arrested and is said to be listed in very critical condition. Another victim, whose body was charred, was found inside the house. The body has not been identified.

The KVOA report indicates that there are up to three minors “associated with the residence” and that it is not known where they are.

Tucson City Mayor Regina Romero released a statement obtained by the KVOA, indicating that his office stood ready to participate in the investigation.


“I spoke with Chef Magnus and Chef Ryan and let them know that they have my full support for whatever they need during this difficult time,” she said.


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