16% of French people do not want a vaccine against Covid, according to a new study – .

16% of French people do not want a vaccine against Covid, according to a new study – .

Sixteen percent of people who took part in a recent survey in France said they did not intend to be vaccinated against Covid-19.
The study, carried out on behalf of the newspaper Les Echos from July 13 to 15, questioned 1,002 people aged 18 and over across France.

He found that working-class people were twice as likely to refuse vaccination as people from higher socio-professional demographics.

Supporters of the far-right Rassemblement National political party are also twice as likely as supporters of other parties to be against the Covid vaccine, with 29% of their supporters surveyed saying they don’t have it. intend to be vaccinated.

The study found that more generally, 10% of those surveyed said they had not yet been vaccinated but intended to do so, while 8% had not yet made a decision.

About two-thirds of adults in France, those over the age of 18, have received at least one dose of a Covid vaccine.

French Health Minister Olivier Véran said on Tuesday July 20 that he hoped France could achieve vaccination coverage of 80 to 85% for all people over 12 by the end of August.

Health passes protests planned for this weekend

Other demonstrations are planned today (July 24) throughout France against the extension of the use of the health pass and the project to make Covid vaccinations compulsory for certain professionals.

Over 100,000 protesters marched against the measures last weekend, and similar numbers are expected today.

The government wants the health pass – proof of vaccination against Covid-19, proof of a negative Covid-19 test carried out within 48 hours, or proof of having had the Covid in the past six months – to be mandatory for enter restaurants, cafes, bars, hospitals, shopping malls and long-distance transportation services.

The bill containing this measure, as well as the obligation for certain professionals, such as health workers, to be vaccinated, was approved by the lower house of the French Parliament early Friday morning (July 23). It came after long discussions and the tabling of more than 1,000 amendments by the deputies.

The bill is being debated today in the upper house.

The government aims to put the measures in place by the beginning of August.

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The demonstrators described the measures relating to the health pass as an attack on their freedoms.

Health Minister Véran responded to this by stating that the government intended to remove the health pass measures as soon as possible.

“The law does not allow its use by December 31 at the latest,” he said in an interview with readers of Le Parisien newspaper.

He also responded to some critics of the measure who accused the government of making France a dictatorship.

Some protesters sported yellow stars on their clothing to draw comparisons to Jewish citizens living under Nazi occupation during World War II.

Prime Minister Jean Castex strongly condemned these people in a television interview on Wednesday.

Mr. Véran also rejected this idea.

“If we were in a dictatorship, I wouldn’t spend days and nights debating thousands of amendments,” he said.

“If we were in a dictatorship, there wouldn’t be thousands of French people who could demonstrate in the streets. If we were in a dictatorship, do you think you could say it so casually in front of a minister? “

Health passport measures are (rather) effective

The study published by Les Echos specifies that several of the health card measures that the government is pursuing “seem to encourage the French to go and get vaccinated”.

It found that 25% of those polled said that the requirement for the health pass to go to shopping malls encouraged them to get the vaccine, while 17% said the same for restaurants and bars and 13% for long-distance transport services.

“However, a large proportion of unvaccinated people appear to be completely resistant, with 52% saying none of these reasons would prompt them to get the vaccine,” write the study’s authors.

Alexis Spire, research director at the French national research center, the National Center for Scientific Research, said the problem is that the measures do not affect a certain part of the French population.

“A whole part of the population does not go to restaurants, the cinema or the theater, nor does it take the train or the plane,” he declared to Les Echos.

“To reach the reluctant working class, the workers and those in the suburbs, it would be better to try to convince them rather than threaten them. “

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