15 facts about Sophia Di Martino from “Loki” – .

15 facts about Sophia Di Martino from “Loki” – .

BRB, I have to binge on everything Flowers on Netflix.

You know Sophia Di Martino in the role of Sylvie in Loki on Disney +.

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And if you haven’t watched Loki yet, this is your sign to go!

Sophia is a newcomer to the MCU, but fans are already obsessed with her.

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I mean, we have no choice but to stand.

So, without further ado, here are 15 fun facts about Sophia Di Martino:


Sophia took inspiration from Sylvie’s fighting style from Charlize Theron’s performance in Atomic blonde.

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She told CNET: “We wanted Sylvie to be a brawler; we didn’t want her to be too elegant in the way she fought because that’s Loki’s thing. ”


Its very first actor’s concert was a guest on the BBC long series Holby City, and she returned later as a regular.


Her big role was Amy in the Channel Four / Netflix series Flowers.

Endemol Shine United Kingdom / Via Netflix

Amy is a withdrawn musician who falls in love with a woman named Abigail, played by Georgina Campbell.


She was pregnant with her first child when she made her audition tape for Loki, and she was so good she landed the part without having to audition in person.

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“You never get a job this size on tape, usually. My agent couldn’t believe it, ”she told The Hollywood Reporter.


To prepare for her role as nurse Gemma Pennant on The Royal today, she hung out in hospitals and studied the movements of staff members.

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She joked to the BBC, “People think, Why does this girl walking the halls copy the way we walk? »


Since Sophia was in postpartum while filming Loki, Costume designer Christine Wada modified her Sylvie costume with hidden zippers so that she could breastfeed easily.


She worked with Will Sharpe, her longtime partner and co-parent, on Flowers.

Endemol Shine United Kingdom / Via Netflix

He wrote and directed the series, and both of them played key characters.


To prepare for her role as Sylvie, she studied all of Tom Hiddleston’s work as Loki, then quickly forgot about it.

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She told Marvel.com, “I forgot everything and tried to create something unique. ”


As a child, she knew she wanted to be an actress and would force her sister to put on plays with her at home.


She is a screenwriter, director and actress.


You can hear him playing the flute in episode 5 of Flowers.

Endemol Shine United Kingdom / Via Netflix

She is credited as part of the music department.


It was important to her that Sylvie’s costume was practical for moving around and fighting, which meant not wearing heels.

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“You can’t walk in it no matter how much you kick their ass,” she told ET Canada.


Her first major movie role was Carol in the Beatles-inspired musical Here (2019).

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Carol is one of Jack’s friends who can’t remember who The Beatles are. Sophia has worked with Himesh Patel, Kate McKinnon, Ed Sheeran and Lily James.


Sophia has already worked with Loki director Kate Herron on the short Defame.

Kate Herron / Via kateherron.com

Sophia starred in the horror comedy as a woman submitting to her first Pap test.


And finally, while she wasn’t sure exactly what the role was at the time, her audition scene turned into the iconic train conversation between Sylvie and Loki.

Marvel / Via Disney+

“There was a very short scene between two people – Bob and Sara – on a train,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

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