12 questions on the use of the French health pass from July 21 – .

12 questions on the use of the French health pass from July 21 – .

President Emmanuel Macron announced the extension of the use of the French health passport in a televised address on July 12.
Mr Macron said the new rules will mean the health pass (health pass) will be needed to access public spaces such as restaurants, transport, cultural spaces, shopping centers, sports centers, etc.

How will foreign visitors to France use the health pass to go to a café?

He said the use of the laissez-passer will be introduced in France in two stages, the first on July 21 and the second in early August.

The health pass proves that the wearer has been fully vaccinated against Covid-19, has already had the virus and is considered immune, or has received a negative test result within the last 48 hours.

The pass is not a stand-alone document, but rather refers to proof of one of the above three statuses, such as vaccine certificates and results of PCR or rapid antigen tests in paper format. or digital.

We answer questions about the new rules:

1. Do supermarkets count as shopping centers?

The exact spaces to be accessed with a health pass will be specified during parliamentary discussions on July 21.

President Macron has said people will need health cards to visit malls from August, but so far ministers say the rules will be different for supermarkets.

Minister of Health Olivier Véran declared BFMTV July 13: “We are talking about [asking for health passes in] large shopping malls… not supermarkets.

The Minister of the Economy, Bruno Le Maire, met yesterday (July 13) with representatives of shopping centers to discuss the implementation of the new rules.

2. What are the rules for public transport?

Health cards will be required for long-distance journeys, including TGV, Intercités and Transilien trains, as well as journeys by coach and domestic plane.

Although an exact measure of long distances has yet to be defined, Transport Minister Jean-Baptiste Djebbari said the rules would likely be applied for travel between regions.

Health subscriptions will no longer be necessary to use public transport on a daily basis on networks such as TER, Francilien and RATP trains in Ile-de-France, or on local metro or bus networks.

3. What are the rules for cultural spaces and restaurants?

From July 21, you will need a health pass to enter all cultural spaces that accept visits from the public.

These include (but are not limited to) cinemas, museums, theaters, concert halls, monuments, libraries, art galleries and music academies.

From August, you will need a health pass to go to cafes and restaurants, whether you are sitting inside or outside on the terrace.

Health cards will not be required in canteens and cafeterias at workplaces.

4. Do I need a health subscription to use gyms and sports centers?

From July 21, you need a health pass to use the indoor sports facilities that can accommodate more than 50 people.

This includes swimming pools, whether indoor or outdoor.

Health passes must also be presented by spectators at stadiums and other sports venues with more than 50 people in attendance.

5. Do I have to use a health pass to enter a campsite?

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal said yesterday that health cards would not be needed to access campsites.

However, you may need a pass to access some facilities. Mr Attal said: “If there is a restaurant on site, you will be asked to present your health card. [to go inside] »

This also applies to leisure areas and swimming pools in campsites.

6. How long after being vaccinated can I use my vaccination certificate as a health card?

People are considered to be fully vaccinated after receiving all doses of the vaccine and waiting enough time for the body to develop an immune response to the virus.

Two doses are needed for the Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca vaccines, and one dose is needed for the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The Minister of Health said today (July 14) that in France, people will be considered fully vaccinated seven days after receiving the final dose, up from 14 days previously.

In EU member states, people will still have to wait 14 days after the last dose before they are considered fully vaccinated.

7. Can I only use PCR test results as a health card?

Negative results from PCR tests and rapid antigenic tests are both accepted as a valid form of health card.

In either case, the test must have been completed within 48 hours of using the pass. Both digital and paper results forms are valid.

Negative self-test results are not accepted as a form of health card.

8. Do children have to use the health pass?

Children aged 12 to 17 will need to use the health pass from August 30.

The Minister of Health said that the date for using the health pass had been pushed back to the end of August for this group because they had access to appointments for vaccines for less time than other age groups.

Children under 12 will not have to use the health pass.

9. What are the rules for people who cannot be vaccinated for health reasons?

People who have recently contracted Covid-19 can provide proof of this with a certificate of positive test result available through the SI-DEP website dated less than 11 days to 6 months.

Pregnant women can be vaccinated from the second trimester. So far, no guidelines have been issued on access to health passes during the first trimester of pregnancy.

10. What if I had Covid-19 more than six months ago?

If you had Covid-19 more than six months ago and have recovered, you will not be able to get a certificate proving this status on the SI-DEP website, as they are only available from March 28.

If you have a positive test result before this date proving that you have had the virus, you should contact the place where the test was performed to request a QR code certificate.

11. What are the rules for people who work in places where a subscription is required to access them?

People who work in public spaces where health cards are required (such as restaurants, cafes, and museums) will need to present a health card when going to work.

Mr Attal said it would be “incomprehensible” to have different health rules for staff and visitors in the same space.

The rules will not be applied to staff in these roles until August 30 to give them time to be fully immunized.

12. Do the police and the military need to be vaccinated?

So far, the government has not made vaccination compulsory for members of the police or the military.

It was also not made mandatory for teachers, on the grounds that children are unlikely to develop serious illness by catching the virus.

Mandatory vaccination was introduced for healthcare workers, including all staff in hospitals and nursing homes, paramedics, occupational health teams and independent healthcare professionals.

It will also be introduced for firefighters from September 15 because “they go to emergency rooms with the sick, and are part of the medical transport service,” said the Minister of Health.

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