114,000 in recent protests, but 1.5 million get the first blow – .

114,000 in recent protests, but 1.5 million get the first blow – .

In the space of a week, more than 4.5 million doses of the Covid vaccine were administered in France, including more than 1.5 million first doses.
This represents a 40% increase in demand for doses since last week and follows the July 17 protests that saw 114,000 people take to the streets to oppose the extension of the use of the French health record (health pass).

The new rules, announced by President Emmanuel Macron on July 12, will make it mandatory to use a health pass to access a wide range of public spaces, including restaurants, gyms and some trains, from July 21. .

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The health pass will state that the carrier has been fully vaccinated, has tested negative within 48 hours, or has had Covid in the past and is considered immune.

Although it is not mandatory to get the vaccine to use the pass, PCR and antigen testing will no longer be free without a prescription starting in the fall, while getting the vaccine will remain free.

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The rules have been criticized as an assault on civil liberties by protesters, but figures show they have boosted demand for vaccination in France.

90% of adults could have their first dose by September

Data from the Doctolib medical reservation site show that seven million people have made an appointment for a first dose before August 31, with the government’s goal of giving 45 million first doses by September (i.e. 90 % of adult population).

Currently, 37.8 million people have received a first dose of the vaccine in France, The figures of the Ministry of Health of the July 19 show.

In total, 30.8 million people are fully vaccinated, with 10 million second dose appointments booked on Doctolib before August 31.

The Pasteur Institute had previously calculated that a 90% vaccination rate in adults might be enough to ensure collective immunity, but that was before the arrival of the highly contagious Delta variant.

In the new circumstances, the Institut Pasteur specifies that in addition to 90% of adults, 65% of 12-17 year olds and 95% of people over 60 years old should also be vaccinated.

The difficulty may come from increasing immunization levels among the older generations.

Over the past week, 85% of vaccine appointments were made by people over 50, with just 100,000 by people over 65.

In this age group, there are still 1.7 million people in France who have not been vaccinated, and a total first dose rate of only 83% among those over 60 years old.

In an attempt to increase the number of older generations in France, general practitioners have had access to a list of unvaccinated patients and the French health insurance organizes “fast-track” vaccine reservation slots by SMS and by phone.

60 million doses delivered in France at the end of September

There are also concerns that demand for vaccine nominations peaked directly after the president’s July 12 speech and is now starting to decline.

During the week of July 12-16, demand increased 35% from the previous week, but fell to a 20% increase on weekends.

Doctolib said there could be other explanations for this.

A representative said Le Figaro: “There are always fewer reservations on weekends, and availability is not the same everywhere because the centers have to organize themselves around the holiday period to ensure that they have staff to welcome and vaccinate. the patients.

Vaccine stock shipments are also expected to decline slightly over the summer, from 22 million doses in July to 14 million in August, with an additional surplus of seven million from June.

21 million additional doses, which should be delivered in September, would vaccinate 60 million people in France in total, or 100% of people over 12 years old.

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