1 week without new case, province to reach double dose target by July 27 – .

1 week without new case, province to reach double dose target by July 27 – .

New Brunswick marked a week Monday without a new case of COVID-19, and the province is on track to meet its two-dose vaccination goal six days ahead of schedule, before the end of the month, according to an analyzer of data.
A total of 4,049 second doses of COVID-19 vaccines were administered on Sunday, the COVID-19 dashboard shows.

More than 353,600 New Brunswickers aged 12 and over, or 51% of the eligible population, have now received two doses of a COVID vaccine.

About 166,430 other people are yet to receive their second injection.

Although Sunday’s doses were less than half of the 8,977 injections given on Saturday, the seven-day average is still 10,560, said Oliver Dueck, a Fredericton-based software developer who tracks vaccine data. of the province for a few months.

At the current rate, the province will meet its goal of having 75% of the eligible population fully vaccinated by July 27, he said.

The target under the path to the green is August 2, New Brunswick Day.

Once the threshold is reached, the province will end the mandatory state of emergency and lift all public health restrictions, provided COVID hospitalizations remain low and all health regions remain on COVID yellow alert level.

As of Monday, many people who received a first dose did not take the opportunity to get a second when they became eligible. People can receive their second dose 28 days after the first.

Dueck said about a third of those eligible for second doses still had not opted for one.

With the first 481 doses administered on Sunday, the number of New Brunswickers who received at least one dose rose to 551,682, or 79.6% of the eligible population, according to the COVID-19 dashboard.

More and more Moderna mobile walk-in vaccination clinics are popping up across New Brunswick to make vaccination more convenient and accessible. (Robert Short/CBC)

The province is running more Moderna walk-in mobile clinics this week. One is in progress in Fredericton on Monday at the Kinsmen Club, 141 School Street, until 7 p.m.

Other clinics include:

  • Fredericton – Marysville walk-in clinic, 231 Canada Street, Tuesday, between noon and 6 p.m.
  • Hillsborough – Kiwanis Community Center, 47 Legion Street, Tuesday, between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m.
  • Perth-Andover – River Valley Civic Center, 11 School Street, Thursday, between noon and 6 p.m.
  • Dorchester – Dorchester Veterans Community Hall, 4955 Main Street, Thursday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Plaster stone – Tobique Lions Community Center, 61 Everett Ln., Friday, 10:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Salisbury – Salisbury Baptist Church, 3128 Main Street, Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Anyone over the age of 12 is eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine. They can make an appointment online at a clinic in the Horizon or Vitalité health network or at a participating pharmacy.

They are asked to bring their health insurance card, a signed consent form, and for those receiving a second dose, a copy of the vaccination record they received after receiving their first dose.

People who have made an appointment but were able to get vaccinated earlier elsewhere are asked to cancel the appointment they no longer need.

Online vaccination records

New Brunswick expects to have COVID-19 vaccination records online by the end of July, the Department of Health said on Monday.

The information will be accessible through the MaSantéNB portal, where people can currently log in to access their COVID-19 test results.

But people should keep the paper vaccination record they receive after vaccination “as official proof of vaccination,” he said.

“Store it in a safe place, keep a copy and take a picture of it.” “

Beginning Monday, people attending immunization appointments will receive instructions to register for a MaSantéNB account, the ministry said in a statement.

For people who have already been vaccinated and do not have a MaSantéNB account, more details on the registration process will be provided in the coming weeks, he said.

5 active cases

New Brunswick has five active cases of COVID-19, Public Health announced Monday.

One person in the province is hospitalized with respiratory illness but is not in intensive care.

There have been 2,336 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in New Brunswick since the start of the pandemic, with 2,284 recoveries to date and 46 COVID-related deaths.

A total of 369,164 tests were performed, including 675 on Sunday.

Horizon calls for “diligence” in masking among staff and doctors

Horizon Health Network released a memo last week urging all staff and physicians to be diligent about masking.

But a spokesperson said compliance was not an issue and the note was just a reminder.

“With the implementation of the modified screening process, we are pleased to report that the mask’s compliance on entry to Horizon has improved,” Acting Director of Human Resources Erin Arsenault wrote in the internal memo. , obtained by CBC News.

“But we need your help and continued diligence as you move around your workplace.

“Please make sure you wear your masks at all times: when doing your daily chores, when relaxing on your break, and when working with co-workers. “

The only exception, Arsenault said, is when people are sitting at least two meters away from other people and eating.

Horizon continues to have “very high compliance” with the wearing of masks by staff and doctors, a spokesperson said. (Shutterstock / Alliance Images)

Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Jennifer Russell said wearing a mask and physical distancing are two of the most important tools in the fight against COVID-19, Arsenault said.

“We have seen how quickly a COVID-19 outbreak can occur and how many people are affected by these outbreaks. “

“The wearing of masks in Horizon facilities and on Horizon property is obligatory, »Indicates the memo in bold.

Completing the self-assessment questionnaire before entering and hand washing at the entrance are also mandatory, he adds in bold.

Horizon continues to have “very high compliance” with the wearing of masks by staff and physicians, according to Margaret Melanson, vice president of quality and patient-centered care.

“This reminder was only meant to reinforce that – as the province enters the green phase – we have not yet reduced our precautions and continued vigilance is required,” she said in a mailed statement. electronic.

“Horizon is very proud of the commitment our staff and physicians have demonstrated throughout the COVID-19 pandemic by complying with infection prevention and control (IPC) protocols, ensuring the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and adhering to our directive on masking continuity. “

Atlantic House calls for extension of federal aid

Businesses in the region are calling on Ottawa to expand federal programs to help them survive the pandemic.

The Atlantic Chamber of Commerce says its members want the emergency salary program and emergency rent program to continue. Both will expire at the end of September.

House CEO Sheri Somerville says many businesses are still struggling and in need of help.

“The most pressing issues that remain for them are payroll. Forty-two percent reported a concern about it, ”she told CBC’s Rachel Cave.

“Second is their insurance and business loans. That’s what worries them, bearing this debt and paying these bills. “

Sheri Somerville, CEO of the Atlantic Chamber of Commerce, said members need to lean on the federal government as they continue to try to “get back to normal.” (SRC)

Somerville says even with fewer border restrictions, businesses still have not returned to pre-pandemic levels.

In a recent membership survey, she says 63 percent of respondents said they have seen a significant reduction in their income over the past year and a half.

The chamber represents more than 16,000 businesses of all sizes and industries in the four Atlantic provinces.

Free bus rides to Saint John immunization clinics

Saint John Transit continues to provide free bus rides to people traveling to and back from immunization clinics.

The clinics take place at the Parc des Expositions on Monday, Thursday and Friday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.

There is also a clinic at the Marco Polo Cruise Terminal on Tuesdays, 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.

During clinic opening hours, people boarding the bus need only inform the bus driver that they are going to or coming back from a vaccination clinic to obtain a free ticket, a indicated the city in a press release.

Clinics are reserved for people 18 years of age and over and an appointment must be booked in advance through Horizon Health Network.

A list of Saint John Transit routes and schedules is available here.

Atlantic COVID Report

New Scotland reported a new case of COVID-19 on Monday and has 37 active cases.

Prince Edward Island has no new cases and one active case.

Newfoundland and Labrador has not updated its figures. Monday is a government holiday, the feast of the Orangemen. At the last report, there were 16 active cases.

What to do if you have a symptom

People who are concerned about having COVID-19 can take an online self-assessment test.

Public health says symptoms of the disease include fever above 38 ° C, new or worsening cough, sore throat, runny nose, headache, new onset of fatigue and difficulty. respiratory.

In children, symptoms also included purple markings on the fingers and toes.

People with any of these symptoms should stay home, call Tele-Care 811 or their doctor and follow the instructions.


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