Yungblud’s first in-person concert since COVID wrapped, mostly mask-less – .

Yungblud’s first in-person concert since COVID wrapped, mostly mask-less – .

The rocker put on his first public show at WeHo’s Whiskey a Go Go, which was jam-packed with people dying to come out and listen up close and in the flesh. Everything is kosher, obviously – the state of California is open again and masks are largely optional.

However, it’s interesting that the majority of people here have chosen not to wear face coverings… mostly because we’ve heard that it’s all essentially about an honor system in terms of vaccination. We have heard from people who have been there that there are no vaxx card checks… so it’s a bit risky. Some may have been vaccinated, others could easily not have been.

It might make you wiggle a bit when you see how close and snug people people are during the performance – especially when Yungblud has come down to the ground.

At this point, it seems like enough people are getting vaccinated for those people to feel comfortable enough to take a chance… to which we say, go at your own risk. Word around town is that a lot of these little sites don’t check vaccine status, so… 🤷🏽‍♂️

ELSEWHERE, Kelly machine gun and Megan Fox were there for this shindig – they’re buddies with Yungblud – and of course they were doing their thing in the upper deck… kissing and everything.

Watch the stage after the concert… it’s just as crazy as what was going on inside. Of course, it feels like (and looks like) the virus is well behind us, right ???


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