Wycombe owner accuses Derby of “systematic cheating” – .

Wycombe owner accuses Derby of “systematic cheating” – .

Wycombe finished 22nd in the Championship last season, one point and one place behind Derby

Wycombe owner Rob Couhig has accused Derby of ‘systematic cheating’ and threatened to sue Pride Park outfit for millions of pounds if his club are denied a place in the championship due to the timing of an appeal disciplinary.

The English Football League on Thursday released ‘interchangeable matches’ for Derby and Wycombe in an ongoing financial fair play case against the Rams.

Derby was fined £ 100,000 and summoned to resubmit their accounts by an EFL disciplinary commission.

This came after an independent arbitration panel ruled that the club had failed to follow standard accounting rules when submitting their original bids.

The EFL has the option of appealing the sanction and may request a points deduction – which could see the Rams relegated from the championship.

Wycombe was relegated on the final day of last season, finishing one point behind Derby.

A Derby statement on Thursday said the club disputed that a point deduction would be an appropriate or legal sanction to be imposed in retrospect, “changing the league’s final standings once the season is over”.

But Couhig thinks Derby deserves to be punished more.

“It is more than disappointing that a club can cheat systematically and end up with a slap on the wrist,” he said. “You have years and years to break the rules.

“I don’t want to sound bitter about it. It’s not over yet, of course. But that just doesn’t make sense.

“A fine of £ 100,000 is what you would expect if it was just a [breach].

“In this case, it was way beyond technique. This is what the appellant panel said. “

The rams were not found guilty of breaking the rules of financial fair play Last year.

However, the EFL appealed the decision to an independent tribunal and won the element of the case concerning how the club measured the value of players – called depreciation.

On Wednesday, the EFL said Derby had been fined and reprimanded for his future conduct.

The club have also been ordered to file restated accounts for the years ended June 30, 2016, 2017 and 2018 “as well as updated profit and sustainability calculations where necessary,” the EFL said.

BBC Sport has been informed that any further violations will be addressed with additional charges.

BBC Sport has been informed that the EFL has produced a list of interchangeable matches to allow the whole affair to run its course. Although accepting that there is no schedule, the EFL has left open the possibility that it will extend beyond August 7, when the national season is due to begin.

It could mean that Wycombe is starting his life in League One before the final outcome of the case is known.

“If we don’t make a decision until we started and were forced to play in League One, I suspect Derby would owe Wycombe the losses we would suffer for not playing in the league in 2021-2022 and any reasonably expected economic losses, ”Couhig said.

“So we’re looking for between £ 10m and £ 15m in potential loss for a Derby club which, the last time I looked, are struggling to pay their creditors.

“We would have an obligation to examine [suing them]. If this was the best thing for the club, yes we would. “


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