WWE Wrestler Non-Competition Update – .

WWE Wrestler Non-Competition Update – .

WWE recently fired a number of wrestlers from its roster. Under normal circumstances, every talent on screen has a non-compete clause that prevents them from competing for a set period of time.

Wrestlers signed with the WWE Main List contract usually have a 90 day non-compete clause in their contract. NXT wrestlers have a much shorter non-compete time at 30 days.

Lately, there have been numerous reports of a number of recently published WWE wrestlers asking for some sort of leeway on their non-compete clauses. According to Fightful, more information has been obtained on this matter.

The report states that a recently released wrestler was able to obtain an “early withdrawal” of his non-compete clause. WWE planned to omit the non-compete clause altogether for this person, but that didn’t go as planned.

Additionally, wrestlers did not encounter any major issues when dealing with top WWE officials when discussing their non-compete clauses.

The last batch of releases arrived two days ago. Even though they were all regulars to the NXT or 205, some of them have 90-day non-compete clauses while the rest only have to wait 30 days before competing again.

Non-compete clauses often help wrestlers as they are paid for this length of time after release. However, there have sometimes been cases of talent seeking to get back in the groove as soon as possible. This often leads them to want to evade their non-competition clauses.

WWE has released a few notable names this year

The first thread of releases this year took place on April 15th. Some big names were fired from the promotion, including Samoa Joe who was later brought back. However, this was not the only series of versions.

Weeks later, WWE released the talent for NXT and also made some changes behind the scenes. This was followed by the third string of releases on June 2, which is by far the most shocking of all.

Among the biggest names released on June 2 were Braun Strowman and Aleister Black. Fans and wrestlers weren’t expecting these two names to be dropped as they were recently reserved in the upper angles of the main roster.

Finally, a number of wrestlers from NXT and 205 Live were fired two days ago. It was reported that most of these releases were the result of budget cuts and were primarily financial.

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