WWE SmackDown Results, Recap, Reactions (June 25, 2021): Rated-R

WWE SmackDown Results, Recap, Reactions (June 25, 2021): Rated-R

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Once again, a story on many levels has transported us throughout the show.

And it ended with a big surprise.

Jimmy Uso walked up to Roman Reigns and had to tell the table chief Main Event Jey Uso said he was no longer showing.

But Jimmy said he would replace because he also wants to represent the family. Now he’s also said he’s nobody’s bitch, but we’ll see this song and how it plays out. Reigns laughed at him and said he should prove he can be Main Event Jimmy Uso.

Paul Heyman made the match between him and Dolph Ziggler, which I will tackle alone later.

Spoiler alert for this game – Jimmy won. And he went to the back and was super happy to have proven himself. Reigns smiled and walked away to talk about the state of the Universal Championship. Heyman told Jimmy to stay back.

Heyman listed all of Reigns’ opponents (even mentioning the Fiend and Braun Strowman) but interestingly omitted Jey Uso. Heyman said there was no one left.

And just as the tribal chief was about to make his big announcement, “You think you know me. A big, bearded, bushy Edge came down the ramp and attacked Reigns. He was about to give him the conchairto, and Mr. Ain’t Nobody’s Bitch saved his cousin. Edge stabbed him through the barricade.

Now here’s where it gets really interesting. After Seth Rollins and Bayley had their match (this was also discussed later), Rollins went to see Adam Pearce and Sonya Deville and said he was Reigns’ next opponent.

Sooooo what does that mean now? Rollins wants to come in, but Edge is back sooner than I think. My dream Edge scenario for Slam summer was actually him and Rollins. It would be a great way to build on this!

Let’s move on to the rest of the successes and failures. For a complete overview of Smack down, check out the live blog, this time by our General Geno Mrosko!

coronation of the king

My God, Shinsuke Nakamura looked like a king in that white outfit.

Rick Boogs and Pat McAfee were the best supporting actors for this segment. McAfee is truly a national treasure. Saying I didn’t like this guy in his NXT race. I admit I was wrong.

Boogs played the music the whole time and he, King Nakamura, and McAfee fell out. Then we went to the back and King Baron Corbin was sulking like a child who had his Playstation taken away. He asked Kayla Braxton what the point was and walked away.

It’s good that they didn’t just attack Nakamura through Corbin like when he was arguing with Chad Gable (that was right before Shorty G’s nickname). A somewhat sympathetic Corbin was not what I expected.

Honestly, I’ve always wondered what a turn would look like for him. I would like to see this.

To qualify or not to qualify

It was an interesting segment.

Right before that Sami Zayn went to Adam Pearce and asked to be in the Money in the Bank match and Pearce said he had to qualify by beating someone he had beaten before.

Then Sonya Deville came into the ring and announced Carmella as a participant in the women’s match. No qualifying match for her.

And then Liv Morgan came out and reminded us that she beat Carmella last week, so why is declaring herself beautiful giving you opportunities?

So just like Zayn, Morgan had to beat someone she had beaten before to qualify. But Kevin Owens was not included in the game. This is probably all due to the fact that there aren’t many women on the main roster at the moment.

Morgan won this match, so you’d expect that to mean she’ll be in the Money in the Bank match. I mean it’s likely that most, if not all, of the main roster women will be in the game, with the exception of the Brut and Smack down female champions and their challengers for the pay-per-view.

The rest

Jimmy Uso a battu Dolph Ziggler

This match took a good chunk of time and featured some pretty nasty zig zagging on the steel steps. I thought Jimmy was going to be really hurt because of this, but luckily he’s okay. Ziggler was in control and Jimmy took Ziggler out of the ring, also eliminating Robert Roode. Ziggler hit a good Zig Zag and I thought it was over, but Jimmy kicked it. Jimmy grabbed it on the Fameasser and hit the superkick to win. Gave Jimmy a great win to move the Reigns saga forward.

Big E defeated the Apollo crews

It was a very good game. I realize that I probably pestered WWE over repeating this feud, but just like Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn (who we’ll see next week as a Last Man Standing Match!) These men have great chemistry to ring. No Nigerian nail this time because the ref saw the interference and sent him off, so I saw E win here. Its good. I would choose him to be the winner of the Money in the Bank case this year.

Bayley and Seth Rollins beat Bianca Belair and Cesaro

Rollins and Belair had fun before the game, and she used Cesaro as a starting point to take out Bayley. While I normally shit on the mixed feud stuff, this one made sense and so did the finish. Yes, the champion was pinned down, but at least that was because Seth hit her and Bayley took advantage.

Note : B+

What have been your thoughts, Cagesiders?

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