WWE SmackDown Results: June 25 Winners, Ratings, Reactions & Highlights

WWE SmackDown Results: June 25 Winners, Ratings, Reactions & Highlights

Big E faced a familiar foe, Intercontinental Champion Apollo Crews, in a Money in the Bank qualifier.

The crews dominated early, immobilizing their opponent and negating their advantage in strength. Big E fought back, however, scoring a big splash and flattening the champion with a uranage on the arena floor. Commander Azeez attempted to interfere with the proceedings and was kicked out of the ThunderDome by the official, leaving Crews to go it alone.

The champion entered a Big Ending and Big E took the hard-fought victory.

Behind the scenes, Kayla Braxton has informed Sami Zayn that he will face Kevin Owens next week in a Money in the Bank qualifier. An apoplectic Zayn claimed WWE officials played with karma.

After a brief hiatus, Adam Pearce informed Zayn that his match with Owens will be a Last Man Standing Match.


Big E defeated the crews

To note



It was one of the best Big E and Crews matches to date, although the WWE Universe has no real reason to want to see them wrestle again given the number of matches they’ve been to together these past few years. last months.

Crews’ booking left something to be desired, especially belatedly, as it suggested the champion was unable to win a match without Azeez interfering on his behalf. Yes, the big man is a radiator. Yes, his job is to make fans hate Crews and the fact that he cheats to win, but would it have hurt WWE Creative to book Crews as a competent challenge for Big E before giving up the match?

Elsewhere, Zayn has continued to be one of the most entertaining stars of all business with his introduction of karama and the cosmos into his conspiratorial rants. Once again, however, next week’s Zayn-Owens match is losing its appeal due to the number of times fans have witnessed this particular combination over the past few weeks.


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