WWE releases superstar from non-compete clause sooner than expected – .

WWE releases superstar from non-compete clause sooner than expected – .

WWE has released a lot of Superstars in the past few months, but all of them have a non-compete clause attached to their releases. Andrade was a notable exception as he was cleared to sign with AEW long before his non-competition ended. He is not the only one to have requested the deletion of this article.
We previously reported that some released WWE Superstars are asking to be released from their non-compete clauses earlier. It was not noted who wanted to get out of their deals sooner, but Impact Wrestling and AEW both have big events coming up that some would really love to attend.

According to a report from Fightful Select, “at least one” released Superstar has obtained a release from his non-compete clause. It has been said that Johnny Ace and WWE have been easy to deal with on this matter.

At least one of them got an early withdrawal of their WWE non-compete clause, and WWE was willing to let them out in full, but that didn’t end up happening.

We’ll have to see if anyone ends up surprising fans by appearing early for another pro wrestling company. You never know what can happen in professional wrestling, especially when the pool of free agents continues to grow with each wave of WWE exits.

Who do you think got out of their non-compete clause first? Sound off in the comments!


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