WWE files trademark for potential new Baron Corbin name – .

WWE files trademark for potential new Baron Corbin name – .

It seems more likely that WWE will move away from Baron Corbin’s king character and move towards a new character for him.
WWE has registered a trademark for “Happy Corbin”. This might end up being his new name after calling himself “King Corbin”.

It comes after WWE posted a video to social media last week after SmackDown where Corbin was seen unhappy and disheartened about losing his crown following a program with Shinsuke Nakamura.

In the clip, Corbin was asked if he felt his career was eluding him and noted that he had lost “hundreds of thousands of dollars” in investments while still “a rich man”, but this is no longer the case. the case.

It should be noted that WWE reverted King Corbin’s name to Baron Corbin on the WWE official website after his loss to Nakamura and he changed it on social media as well. Maybe when the storyline gets to the point where Corbin validates again, it’ll go by that name.

Old school fans may remember WCW angling in the early ’90s with Diamond Dallas Page where he “lost everything” to the point of becoming homeless and rebuilding himself.


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