“Worry and Anxiety” for businesses that are already struggling to survive; ITV News London – –

“Worry and Anxiety” for businesses that are already struggling to survive; ITV News London – –

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Businesses hard hit by Covid restrictions face even more “worry and anxiety” due to the delay in easing remaining restrictions for up to one month.

Boris Johnson ordered the postponement of the final phase of his coronavirus roadmap due to the rapidly spreading Delta variant first identified in India.

But the mayor of London has warned that many businesses already struggling for survival face a bleak few weeks.

“The planned reduction in financial support at the end of June could now have disastrous consequences for jobs and livelihoods, pushing more businesses in sectors such as culture, nightlife and hospitality to the waterfront. collapse, ”said Sadiq Khan.

“The government must now act urgently to extend economic support to all businesses that need it – including the extension of the full professional tariff holiday, the moratorium on evictions and the existing leave scheme until all restrictions are lifted.

“It is also important that ministers continue to accelerate the rollout of vaccines so that restrictions can be lifted as soon as possible,” Khan added.

Empty theater seats in London’s West End

Experts feared that continuing Stage 4 on June 21, as planned, would lead to hospitalizations on the scale of the first wave of Covid-19, putting unsustainable pressure on health services.

To avoid this, Mr Johnson told a Downing Street press conference that it made ‘sense to wait a little longer’ as he pushed back by a month the end of all legal limits to social contacts.

Speaking on Tuesday, Cabinet Minister Michael Gove said the government was “as confident as possible” of July 19 as the end date for coronavirus restrictions in England.

He told ITV’s Good Morning Britain: ‘The data shows we should be able to have so many people vaccinated by that date in July that we can lift the restrictions.

“Now, you know, none of us can predict the future with 100% certainty – something bizarre and unprecedented could happen.

“But, based on all the information we have, then we will have succeeded in protecting such a large part of the population, and of course the children will be facing the summer vacation and that will bring down the infection rate. So we are as confident as possible about this date. “


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