Woman goes ballistic after McDonald’s turns down drink order – –

Woman goes ballistic after McDonald’s turns down drink order – –

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A woman didn’t like it after a McDonald’s employee refused her drink request.

Another customer, Brian Allen, noticed how distraught the woman was and witnessed the heated exchange between the woman and two employees – a manager and a cashier.

“I heard her ask for a slushie with all three flavors mixed into one,” Allen told CBS 19. Counter and brew her own drink.

That’s when Allen hit “save” on his phone.

“I was worried that she would start to hurt someone,” Allen said. “So I started recording in case law enforcement needed the tape for any kind of evidence of the assault. “

It’s a good thing he did. The video, which currently has 1.8 million views on Facebook, shows the woman arguing with an employee as the manager stands between them in an attempt to defuse the situation.

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The woman was a time bomb and continued to yell curses at the two employees before hitting the manager in the face. It should be noted that she took him like a champ; the blow hardly disconcerted her.

The woman then said she would be perfectly fine in prison for a slip before taking his empty cup, filling it with ice cubes and a combination of drinks.

Just when you thought it was over, the woman returned behind the counter to throw the contents at the checkout and started pouncing on him. However, the staff member fired back and the two women soon found themselves on the ground, throwing punches, with the McDonald’s employee winning the fight.

The police later arrived and arrested the woman. Cherysse Helena Cleveland has been charged with two counts of assault.

Allen praised the McDonald’s employees.

“If I had been in their shoes, I wouldn’t have been able to show the restraint they made,” he said. “You can see from the video that several times, not once, she physically assaults and / or pushes them. And they don’t do anything other than try to protect themselves. And you can clearly hear the employee who is also trying to protect her boss. I think they both did an amazing job.

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