Windows 11 apparently offers big performance improvements over Windows 10 – .

Windows 11 apparently offers big performance improvements over Windows 10 – .

Microsoft is set to announce Windows 11 next week, and in case you missed it, a version of the new operating system was leaked this week. Now one user cites big improvements in Windows 11 performance over Windows 10.

This is from YouTuber Ben Anonymous, who claims to use an official version of Windows 11. It’s still, oddly enough, version 21996.1. It’s clearly different though, as it shows some features that aren’t in the leaked version.

The laptop used has an Intel Core i7-10875H and an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 Super.

First, the startup time is shorter at 13 seconds instead of 16 seconds. It’s an impressive change to begin with, and it’s a good sign for Windows 11’s overall performance.

One test he performed was Time Spy in 3DMark, which went from a score of 6,872 to 7,613. That’s both an increase in CPU and GPU, with the GPU score dropping from 6,927 to 7,426 and the CPU score dropping from 6,573 to 8,886. In his storage test on CrystalDiskMark this also worked well, although he initially noted that this one had to be taken with a grain of salt due to of the capacity used. When he performed the test later, the results were the same.

For Geekbench, single-core performance went from 1,138 on Windows 10 to 1,251 on Windows 11, and the multi-core score went from 6,284 to 7,444, so there are some impressive improvements here too.

Your mileage may vary on this. We’ve been running performance tests since the version leaked earlier this week and haven’t been able to replicate that, although, as Ben Anonymous notes, it’s running a different version of Windows 11.

It looks like Microsoft is adding new power management. The person who performed the tests uninstalled any ASUS software that might have controlled the fans, so everything that happened there was controlled by the operating system. It was noted that the fans performed differently when running the tests, and as we all know, the cooler the CPU and GPU stay, the better the performance.

But the temperatures don’t even seem to reflect that. When running 3DMark, the results indicated that it was hotter, but the fans were running harder and more regularly.

For now, you should consider this as a teaser for next week. Microsoft is absolutely going to be talking about performance when it announces Windows 11, and once we all get a real glimpse, we can start running our own tests. In the meantime, watch Ben Anonymous’s video.


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