Wendy’s Reveals Huge Makeover for Rick and Morty Season 5 Premiere – .

Wendy’s Reveals Huge Makeover for Rick and Morty Season 5 Premiere – .

Wendy’s got a huge makeover to celebrate the season 5 premiere of Rick and morty on Adult Swim! The highly anticipated fifth season of the Adult Swim animated series arrives later this week, and it’s an exciting prospect for many fans who had adjusted to the long waits between the show’s new seasons. It’s a much shorter wait between season four and five, and it looks like it added to the general hype as well. Now Rick and morty teamed up with Wendy’s again for a cool new business.

After the reveal of new official soda flavors featuring Rick and morty at participating Wendy’s branches, the restaurant transformed its Panorama City location in the Los Angeles area into a new Rick and morty inspired “Morty’s”. This special pop-up will run from June 18-20 and is part of the upcoming Global Rick and Morty Day celebration for the Season 5 premiere on Adult Swim this Sunday. Check out Wendy’s transformation into “Morty’s” below:

Fans lucky enough to attend Morty’s limited-time pop-up will also be treated to an all-new show-inspired menu (with new items such as the Jerry’s Single and the “Pickle Rick Pickle Frosty”), and will be able to drive their car through personalized LED drive-thru experience. This is in addition to new soda flavor collaborations that will be available at other participating Wendy’s locations through August 22, including Mello Yello BerryJerryboree and Mello Yello Portal Time Lemon Lime.

Rick and morty kicks off Season 5 on Adult Swim on Sunday, June 20 at 11:00 p.m. EST. As for what we can expect to see from the fifth season, thankfully it won’t be split into two different parts like the fourth. We’re getting a ten-episode consecutive block (barring an unforeseen schedule change), which means Rick and Morty fans will have a lot to look forward to this summer.

But what do you think of this collaboration between Rick and morty and Wendy? Will you make the trip to discover this new Morty’s? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! You can even contact me directly about anything animated and other cool stuff. @Valdezologie on Twitter!


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