Watergate-era lawyer addresses new Trump scandal – –

Watergate-era lawyer addresses new Trump scandal – –

Former White House attorney under President Richard Nixon, John Dean, has said that Trump’s Justice Department secretly obtaining smartphone data from House Intelligence Committee Democrats is “Nixon on stilts and steroids.”
Mr Dean, who has turned on Mr Nixon over the Watergate scandal, told CNN the Justice Department’s actions under former President Donald Trump were far worse than what Mr Nixon ever had made.

“Nixon didn’t have that kind of Justice Department,” Dean said. He then explained how the Nixon administration reacted to the Pentagon Papers leak. The classified documents have revealed details of US political and military activity in Vietnam.

“I got a call from the Oval Office the day after it was found, and could the Justice Department take legal action for it?” Called in, I found out the short answer was they could, but they won’t, ”Dean said. “So Nixon couldn’t use the department as he wanted. “

CNN presenter Erin Burnett asked Mr. Dean if the actions of the Trump DOJ were “beyond what Nixon did?” “

“It’s beyond Nixon, yes,” he said. “It’s Nixon on stilts and steroids. “

Mr. Dean added that Mr. Trump’s attorney general, Bill Barr, “was very willing to do whatever he wanted.” The memo he wrote to secure the post says “I am ready to run your presidency as a Unit Executive Presidency should be,” meaning no bar holds. ” Go anywhere you want. I think you are the king. And he did it ”.

“We now know there are countless examples of standards he was prepared to break,” added Dean. “In the end, however, he realized that maybe it was too far. He probably saw the writing on the wall before the rest of us that this man was never going to concede and that he wasn’t ready to go, ”Mr. Dean said of Mr. Barr’s support for Mr. Trump’s baseless conspiracy theory that the election was being stolen from him.

“I think Bill Barr needs to testify,” Dean said. “I’m surprised the Justice Department hasn’t made a statement… I hope they get their act together because it’s going to be very embarrassing. “


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