Vince McMahon said he should watch AEW with a New York publication – .

Vince McMahon said he should watch AEW with a New York publication – .

AEW is playing at Arthur Ashe Stadium in Queens on September 22, and New York is set to experience AEW for the first time. These fans are likely to sell the tennis stadium and bring a big show to the venue’s premier professional wrestling event. Some think Vince McMahon should be worried.
The New York Daily News ran a great story about AEW’s first event in New York City. The title was very bold when it proclaimed: “Wham, Bam! Careful, McMahon. It has not escaped the notice of many people, especially those who know the New York area is widely known as “McMahon Country”.

Britt Baker tweeted this article which shows herself stomping on Hikaru Shida on the AEW Women’s Title. All she had to say was, “Watch the NY Daily News today,” while also including an emoji with sunglasses and a smile.

AEW is going to bring a huge show to New York for its first event. Dynamite Grand Slam tickets could also hit the box office, but it will also be interesting to know how many end up in the secondary market. Either way, AEW is going to bring the biggest show possible to New York City to make a big first impression.

It will be very interesting to see if WWE has anything in store around September in the New York area to possibly pull some of the shine out of this great achievement for AEW.

What do you think of AEW’s entry into the New York market? Should Vince McMahon be worried? Sound off in the comments!


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