Vince McMahon doesn’t surround himself with ‘Yes People’, he works with the best – .

Vince McMahon doesn’t surround himself with ‘Yes People’, he works with the best – .

Working with Vince McMahon isn’t as easy as always telling him what he wants to hear, according to Gerald Brisco.

The WWE Hall of Famer spoke to Wrestling Inc. and discussed the type of employees who stay the longest with the headstrong WWE President.

“The people who have been around [Vince] know that Vince doesn’t surround himself with people, yes, ”explained Brisco. “And I didn’t agree with him. I had verbal arguments with him because I didn’t agree with a lot of things, and he didn’t agree with me. And the guys who stuck with Vince the longest are probably the ones who disagreed with Vince the most.

Brisco would go on to tout McMahon’s innovation and explained how that led to WWE’s long-term successes.

“I really think WWE has the most innovative people,” Brisco praised. “And I don’t work for the company anymore, so I don’t kiss anyone anymore. But this production team and TV department that WWE has is the envy of the industry, it really is. Because they are so far ahead of innovation, there are so many creative minds on the TV side. You know, I went to Oklahoma State, but I got a hell of a doctorate. working for thirty-six years in WWE and WWF. It’s incredible. I learned about television, I learned about international promotion, I learned about international bookings, I learned so much from this organization.

“It was an education to work there because of the people around Vince McMahon [himself] with. . . [Vince] surrounded himself with the best of all forms of entertainment and brought them all together under one roof and said, ‘Okay, I want you to come together. This is the vision, let’s do it. And those goddamn guys come out and did it, and if they couldn’t do the job, he got rid of it and took somebody else. He’s got a lot of heat for it, but he’s a businessman. You’ve got the best people in there and if you think you’ve got the best and he’s not the best then you get rid of him and you get this guy who’s the best. This is how Vince does business and this is how he has been so successful.

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