“Very possible” Guelph and Wellington County fully vaccinated in early August – .

“Very possible” Guelph and Wellington County fully vaccinated in early August – .

The roll-out of the vaccine across the country continues to accelerate and in this region, the local public health unit expects all those who wish to receive the vaccine to be fully immunized by the beginning of August. or sooner.

Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph CEO and Public Health Officer Dr Nicola Mercer announced the news in a COVID-19 update Thursday at Wellington County Council.

“Considering the amount of vaccine that will be arriving at Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health over the next few weeks, we think it’s very possible that by the beginning of August, maybe even sooner we will have been able to have been fully immunized, which means everyone will have had the opportunity to receive their second dose of vaccine, ”Mercer said.

She urged anyone who had not yet received their first dose to go to any public health clinic to get the vaccine that day or make an appointment for the next.

Contacting your doctor or local pharmacy is another option. As of Tuesday, “more than 10,000 doses” were in area pharmacies, Mercer said.
Anyone who received their first dose on or before May 30 can now reserve their second dose.

Vaccination rates in Wellington and Dufferin counties lag behind those in the City of Guelph, where 82% of people aged 12 and over received their first injection, compared to 70% in the county from Wellington.

Mercer also answered questions from counselors, including whether unvaccinated children 12 and older would be allowed to return to school.

She said the province was looking into the matter, but to her knowledge, vaccination would not be a requirement. But she predicted that vaccinated children might have “different privileges” from those of their unvaccinated peers, for example when it comes to sports.

“We have spots, we want them to be vaccinated,” Mercer said. “Thus, children who come in September without being vaccinated are children of parents who have chosen not to be vaccinated. It is not about access at this stage, but about decisions.


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